Don’t Give In To The Fear…

canstockphoto22042668.jpgFear of this or that is so prominent in our American society right now. A substantial minority on the right fringe of our political system has made fear a foundation of their lives. But the most tragic thing is that those on the rest of the political spectrum have allowed the rather thin minority’s fear to convince us that all hope is lost!

I know, 81% of white evangelicals voted for #CO3 because they fear what America is becoming. They can see that they will soon no longer have the dominant role in our country’s future and that scares the hell out of them. Many in this category are racists by nature and upbringing and just can’t fathom a country where “those other people” have the same leverage as they do.

2018-07-18_19-57-44.pngThis 81% make up less than one-in-five voters in this country and due to the rest of us not taking our responsibility to vote seriously enough, they managed to put a racist and totally unqualified narcissist temporarily in control. Instead of surrendering to the Evangelical fear we need to be gearing up to do everything necessary to take our country back. That effort starts this November and is finalized twenty-four months later.

So, the primary message of this post is that all you folks who have let the right fringes’ fear traumatize you quit the pity party and recognize how this happened. If we do that, we will look back at these times as when we let a radical fringe temporarily take command. Hopefully, this is a lesson we don’t have to learn again anytime in the future.

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#CO3 – Current Oval Office Occupant

4 thoughts on “Don’t Give In To The Fear…

  1. I don’t really see much chance that the Republicans lose control unless something blows up on Trump. The economy, healthcare or a war. The only way Democrats win is if Republicans don’t vote. Republicans will not get disgusted enough to vote for Dems. Trump voters can easily claim at this point that the economy is doing great, trade wars will resolve in our favor & cheaper health insurance is on its way. Before the election I believed that whoever was elected would very likely get a recession in their first term. This is simply due to economic cycles that do not care who is in charge. I do not wish for one but it is likely the only event that will kick the Republicans out of power.


    1. Thanks for your opinion Fred. Even if I don’t agree with much of it. I just thing that morality, ethics, and truthfulness mean something to more of us than you do.


    1. Thanks for the comment Marquita. I just pray when we do look back that sanity and truthfulness have returned to our government and the craziness is finally over.


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