Because She Is Good…

America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.  —  Alexis de Tocqueville

2018-08-15_09-19-32.pngIt has been a while since I last read “Democracy in America by de Tocqueville. I think his book written almost two centuries ago is as important in learning where we in America have been and where we are going as any on my bookshelf. I put a small bio here for those who don’t know about him. I have read this book at least a half dozen times.

The quote above was written in the early 1800s but at least until recently we have for the most part been “good”. Have we been perfect? Of course not, but at least we have strived to be good. I hope that after the current period plays out we can return to a degree of civility, truthfulness, and empathy as a country.  But, will we ever be deemed “great” again? That is the question of the day.

While our present government has shunned its responsibility to lead the way, much of the rest of the world continues without us. It is becoming more obvious as each year passes that global warming is a fact of life. Those who argue otherwise must be part of the flat-earth society. 🙂 Sadly, with #CO3 in office, we have lost our leadership role in fighting climate change.  He says coal is the answer!  How archaic… and ignorant.

But not to worry Europe and pretty much the rest of the world is jumping at the chance to become the new world leaders in this and many other areas.  Does it matter that the US is losing its dominant role in the world?  I kinda think there might be some good even come out of that fact.

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#CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant


3 thoughts on “Because She Is Good…

  1. I agree…we are definitely losing our dominance especially with trump, the republicans and their supporters. And yes Europe and perhaps China will become beacons of the future. Maybe it’s someone else’s turn.
    Ignorance, greed, racism and religious fanaticism has cost us dearly.


  2. Not only have lost the “good” of America but we have visibly entered the era that “the ends justify the means” as well. As long as we retain greatness or get great again it does not matter how it is accomplished. When you go down this path all bets are off and then even abortion becomes an acceptable solution for an unwanted pregnancy or to abort a possibly handicapped child. As long as we can deter possible immigrants from coming to the border then we can detain them indefinitely, take their children, and otherwise make their lives miserable, etc. As long as we agree with the result then any means to accomplish it are ok.


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