All Politics Is Local… Except It’s Not

2018-10-07_16-26-33.pngI know the old saying that “all politics is local” but at least in my case it really isn’t.  Yeah, I know that the county commissioner in my small Indiana shut down the recycling center because he said it wasn’t making enough money.  Realizing that he was a very Red Republican I always suspected that there was another reason he really wasn’t telling us about. It ends up that he wants the land that the recycling center is on to build a bigger jail for the county! We are one of the smallest counties in the State but he thinks more of us should be in jail.  The funny thing about all this was that soon after this all happened he was found guilty of a couple of felonies related to his abuse of office.  Of course, with his connections he was only given probation instead of jail time so I guess he won’t get the opportunity to use the new jail if/when it is built.

Except for this story and a few others, I really don’t pay much attention to what happens locally or even around the State. Almost all of my political attention has been at the national level for several years now.  That realization made me come to an epiphany lately.  Given that Indiana is a very Red State, I’m sure there are all kinds of cantankerous things going on in Indiana that I know nothing about that would give me heartburn if I did. I manage to dodge those bullets so why don’t I do the same thing for “Inside-the-beltway” politics?  Wouldn’t my life be happier?

I seem to bounce around between apathy and staying involved. Would it really matter if I just dropped out? But then again, what would I do with all the time I spent ranting about Radical-Right-Republicans and especially about #CO3.  🙂

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#CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant