Drinking the Kool-aid, Etal…

Tomorrow is perhaps the most important election of my lifetime.  It will determine if an extreme narcissist, habitual liar, con man continues to have free reign to do whatever he wants. Yeah, the tax cuts that the Republican party passed are having a temporary effect and the destruction of the regulations needed to prevent another meltdown have added a couple of bucks to the paycheck, but given our extreme deficits and underfunded infrastructure improvement that will end soon.

What befuddles me about our current times are those who have eagerly gulped down this guy’s kool-aid. Can’t they look beyond the end of their nose to see what is coming down the road?  Why are some people so naively gullible to his constant lies?  Most of his “base” live in rural areas and from personal experiences that is where educational opportunities are the most lacking.  Did they miss out on what the purpose of government is and how it is funded in a democracy? Is it the lack of basic information that impedes their understanding? I kinda suspect it is just intellectual laziness.

2018-11-01_09-49-33.pngI could go on and on about the possibilities but that is not a condition that can be quickly resolved nor is this the purpose of this post. Tomorrow is election day and unless those of us who can counter this group turn out they could give the current Oval Office occupant an unfettered final two years in office to accomplish his hateful and divisive agenda. We know that these Kool-aid folks are a minority but if the rest of us don’t do our job and vote tomorrow they could again have the say on what we will become as a nation.

There is estimated to be 100 million eligible voters who will not cast a ballot tomorrow!! How can a democracy survive without an informed and engaged populace? I voted early a couple of weeks ago, so I have done my part. It’s time for you to do yours. Your present or future children and grandchildren will thank you for that. Morality still matters… even if he says it doesn’t.


6 thoughts on “Drinking the Kool-aid, Etal…

  1. So true…I can see two reasons …the non voters see so much corruption at the top in politics and big business and poor education of history and civics, which neither are taught much in school anymore.
    We are our own worst enemy


    1. Maybe you are right Mary, poor education. I just recently learned that civics is no longer taught in many states (mostly red I imagine) and that 4 in 10 of those 18-25 years old cannot name the three branches of government. How can we expect them to vote if we don’t even teach them what it means? Shame on us for allowing it to happen. Shame on us for putting education near the bottom of most states list for finances.


  2. I agree… laziness. We live in the “land of opportunity” at one of the best times in history. But it takes work and effort to succeed… not the excuses I so often hear.

    My wife and I are good examples. Coming from the “lower working class” neither of us were affluent by any means. (To compound things, my dad died when I was 14.) We both worked hard to get good educations – and made sure our two sons did too. We lived within our means, and we tried to share what we learned while extending a helping hand as needed.

    I have very little patience for the whiners who make up much of CO3’s base, many who would rather complain than put in the effort to improve things, including themselves. And yes, we both voted.


    1. Daryl, see my comment to Mary above. We seem to be shooting ourselves in the foot, or maybe even the heart when we drop civics lessons from our schools.

      Yeah, working hard is part of it but if there is no encouragement or even opportunities to get ahead…

      I am going to try not to villanize CO3’s base. Many of them are just paranoidly afraid of most everything. They see a ragtag band of a thousand or fewer people escaping daily violence as an invasion. Jesus taught us to treat them as brothers. These are scary times we live in and just might become scarier in the next 30 hours or so if enough of us don’t get out and vote.

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  3. I have a masters and my husband a doctorate. We live in a rural area. We are by no means uneducated. We voted for Trump because of what Obama did to our country. We do not apologize for our decision. Is Trump cruder than what we imagined…yes, he is. But, we believe (still do) that he was the better choice than Clinton. Honestly, neither candidate was the best of choice. Maybe, America, should start putting better candidates on the ballots.


    1. Thanks for your input Jessica. I can understand your logic even if I don’t agree with it. I was frustrated with the choice in 2016 also. But I knew enough of Trump to know he was a very flawed person who was totally unfit for the office. Of course, I have been proven right in that regard. The question I would really like to ask you is will you vote for him again? And another question is can you give me examples of why you think Obama was so bad? If you had to compare Trump and Obama, which would you say is worse?

      I want to end this comment with a WIll Rogers quote. “Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects. Yes, I too have a masters degree and live in a rural area. I sometimes do paint with too broad a brush but in this case, I stand by what I said for a big majority of his base.

      I would love to have your feedback, especially with specifics, on future posts. I hope you stick around RJsCorner to give us your perspective.


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