Party Over Principles??

I guess I have to say something about this past election.  It was sweet in some ways but bitter in others.

The sweet

The Democrats now control the House of Representatives and the diversity of that body is improving.  Come January 1 there will be thirty more women in the house than there was the day before.  The graphs below tell the story.


The disparity between the parties is grossly obvious and proving that the GOP is primarily a party of old white men. Of course, that does not speak well for their future and that also is good news to me.

Maybe the biggest celebration is that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the current Oval Office holder and those like him. Not only are women moving away from the GOP but men are too.


The Bitter

I was disappointed that the losses weren’t more severe than they were. It just seems that so many put party over principles when voting. They would rather a  bully, narcissist, habitual liar hold the highest office in the land than to consider voting differently than they have in the past. Of course, this is a symptom of lazy voting and maybe a dose of hatred and fear. They continuously trash the previous president as being the scum of the earth but praise the current one as being their savior! I have not been able to get a single one of them to give me a valid reason for the hatred of President Obama. I sadly believe that the current Oval Office occupant could take an AR-15 and kill dozens of people and he would still get their votes and their worship!!

In conclusion, my distress about the imminent implosion of our democracy is a little abated now but not much.  Next Monday I am going to talk about waiting for a shoe to drop.  I’ll explain that then. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Party Over Principles??

  1. Or…all politics is local. The person who won has been good for the area. My daughter’s state is Democrat with a Republican governor. Taxes exploded under the last governor and he has cut them (but they are still in the top of the nation). .He was reelected by a large margin.
    The opposite is true in Kansas. They elected a Democrat in a deeply Republican state. They voted for the person. Kelly is extremely strong on education and teachers drive the governor’s house. She is going to be a great fit for the needs of the state.
    I am awaiting the AZ vote. That will be interesting since the Democrat is closer to Flake in positions. We shall see. All politics is local.


    1. Thanks for the local history Jan. I am surprised to hear that people consider Kansas to be purple. I can only speak in details about my very red home State of Indiana. Here are some statistics about that:

      Federal Level:
      House – 11 Republicans 1 Democrat
      Senate – 2 Rep 0 Dem

      State Level:
      House – 70 Rep 30 Dem
      Senate – 41 Rep 9 Dem

      There were no Republicans on the ballot that didn’t win out of 30 or more offices up for election. Two Democrats won, one was unopposed because no Republican wanted the job and the other has been so popular for so long that no Republicans will even run against him.

      Being a progressive in Indiana is kinda like being trapped behind enemy lines. (ha)


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