Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop…

Actually, I’m waiting for the first one to drop on this whole Trump fiasco. Meuller has been investigating this crooked swamp for what seems like an eternity.  It is more a question of how many felonies were committed during his campaign and since, not if.  The anticipation is nerve-racking.

I know, given that he still controls the Senate that impeachment is impossible but just seeing so many smoking guns will be satisfying enough for me.  I know he will scream FAKE NEWS but I again hope that at least some of his ridiculously loyal base will actually see the truth once it has knocked them to the ground.

I have some pretty high hopes for America in the Post-Trump era:

 ◉ I look for the day when the term “Evangelical” might have an ounce of respect again but I kinda think that word needs to remain on the ash heap of time to be replaced by something else that is truer to its founder.

  I look for the day that morality and truthfulness once again return to the Oval Office. Where we don’t have to put up with bullying tyrannical tweets on a daily basis.  Where we don’t have to see that face ever again.

I look for the day that principles will reign over party. I know that is a very long-term wish but it has to start somewhere.

  I look for the day where I can once again turn on the TV and instead of the 24/7 swamp coverage I can actually be informed about what is happening in the world that day.

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