This N’ That Sunday- About Amazon (and other such things)

I saw an article in the New York Times recently about how a new orthopedic clinic contacted Amazon to find out who bought knee-braces in their area. After paying a fee Amazon sent that info along with names and addresses of the customers. The new clinic then sent mail to just that select group instead of flooding the area with their advertisements. I guess some … Continue reading This N’ That Sunday- About Amazon (and other such things)

Techie Saturday – The Polar Vortex

Techie Saturday is meant to be primarily about computers and such but the current disruption of the Polar Vortex makes this topic of the day, and it does have some pretty neat graphics that I want to show you. 🙂 The source article is one of the best explanations of why we have been having some pretty severe cold snaps the last few years. Let’s … Continue reading Techie Saturday – The Polar Vortex

Urban vs Rural Low Skilled Jobs?

Throughout the 20th century, it was a well-known fact that good paying low skilled jobs are in large metropolitan areas. That was where the factories were, and they hired by the thousands to keep the mind-numbing assembly lines running. Today, of course, those low skilled factory jobs have been rightfully replaced by automation. Why hire a human being who gets easily distracted and makes mistakes, … Continue reading Urban vs Rural Low Skilled Jobs?

Breaking Down Myths – Most Deaf People Can Read Lips

From looking at my post counts here at RJsCorner I see that I am pretty much ignoring my number five pillar, breaking down myths. I need to pay more attention to that topic so this post will be about a deaf myth. It’s true that people who are deaf sometimes can read lips but lipreading is in no way an adequate substitute for hearing. In … Continue reading Breaking Down Myths – Most Deaf People Can Read Lips

The Psychology of Insults

You would not believe the number of things that come up if you google the word “insult”! They cover a myriad of topics about that word. And of course, you shouldn’t be surprised that they often mention the current Oval Office occupant #CO3. He does have the art of insult down to a T. Many sources found from the search cover the psychology of insult. … Continue reading The Psychology of Insults

Optimist Or Pessimist??

It seems almost impossible to be an optimist in today’s world, especially now that a totally incompetent person leads our version of it. But these times are not the only time we have been severely challenged as a nation. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about America’s future? I’m optimistic. I say that because there have been many moments in our history when old ideas and … Continue reading Optimist Or Pessimist??

A Corner On The Market For God’s Blessings??

I want you to know up front that I think there is a lot wrong with the practice of Christianity, especially in America. Despite the thousands of congregations and leaders who stick to the words of Jesus, it has far too often been polluted by the radical right/religous political extremists in our society.  Now that you know where I am coming from I will explain … Continue reading A Corner On The Market For God’s Blessings??