Terrified Dinosaurs…

I continue to be an optimist, I believe I will live long enough to see some level of sanity return to US politics. I think one more national election and it will be totally obvious to all those old white men who currently control our political system that they are losing their grip on power. With that in mind, John Pavlovitz certainly gives me much to think about. His words below are a perfect description of the primary autocrat obstructionist in the country today.

I love the look I saw.

It was the look of terrified dinosaurs realizing that the meteorite is on its way; the dilated pupils in the eyes of leadened, lumbering prehistoric monsters who’ve had their run of the house, now finding themselves at the precipice of extinction.

Source: Stuff That Needs To Be Said

Mitch is thankfully one of the last of a soon to be an extinct breed. He is from the old guard of old white males who have dominated things for WAY too long. Will he go out peacefully, probably not. If his 76-year-old body has the strength, he will likely go out screaming and kicking. Will that happen in 2021, I think so, or at least I can dream of that reality. 🙂

In the year 2000 less than 10% of Congress were women. Now there are over double that. Almost all of this increase happened in the Democratic Party. The GOP has remained a party of terrified male dinosaurs. We still have a huge way to go before out Congress is truly representative of our nation, but I can see that day coming soon.

My biggest question for the near future is how much damage these dinosaurs can do before their extinction? That is the main thing that scares me right now.

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