This N’ That – About Morals, Money & Hope

I’m taking a week off here at RJsCorner. See you again on March 4 I need to get a few rants out of my system before I explode. 😳 That is what this Sunday post is about. Morally Incompatible John Pavlovitz is becoming one of my primary “Go-To” guys on the Internet. He is a very popular minister and public speaker who does not parse … Continue reading This N’ That – About Morals, Money & Hope

Techie Saturday – eBooks, The Hardware and Secret Tool

Ok, this will close out my three-part posts trying to convince you that ebooks are worth a try. This time I will concentrate on the hardware that makes all this possible. eBooks can be read on just about any device that you can be hooked to the Internet. But there are distinct advantages to using devices that are specialized for ebook reading. On rare occasions, … Continue reading Techie Saturday – eBooks, The Hardware and Secret Tool

Advances In Technology vs. Advances In Humanity…

I ❤️ SciFi movies, particularly Star Trek. I love the futuristic scenes and scenarios, but perhaps what I love the most is how advanced humanity is portrayed. We no longer treat people of different skin colors differently, Heck, they don’t even have to resemble homo sapiens. As long as they can do their jobs they are respected. It’s kind of like Martin Luther King’s speech … Continue reading Advances In Technology vs. Advances In Humanity…

Will The MAGA Folks Ever Realize They’ve Been Duped?

One thing that has always astounded me is how all those senior citizens and lower-middle-class rural MAGA folks are being duped into supporting something that is very contrary to their existence? Why don’t they understand that almost everything their leader does will eventually hurt them? Why do they cling to him so? When I came across a post from my blogging buddy and fellow Jesus … Continue reading Will The MAGA Folks Ever Realize They’ve Been Duped?

Is This The First Major Step?

Some of my more conspiracy-minded blogger friends say that the emergency declaration on the border is the first major step in dismantling our constitution. When a president with the flick of a pen can annihilate the principle of checks and balances, a fascist government will soon be on the way especially when there is no serious rebuke from the representatives who are losing power. When … Continue reading Is This The First Major Step?

This N’ That – Who’s The Liar-In-Chief?

Not Enough Teachers I saw an interesting article in the New York Times recently that says that students seeking an education in computer science is being stifled by the lack of teachers/professors. I don’t know how much college educators make but I’m sure it is low compared to the likes of Silicon Valley’s six-figure salaries. Many of today’s college-age students see their future in computer … Continue reading This N’ That – Who’s The Liar-In-Chief?

You Don’t What You Don’t Know

There are some people in this world who are just not opened to the possibility that they don’t know everything about everything. It’s interesting to note that mentality was one of the primary causes of “Early Middle Ages”, otherwise known a the “Dark Ages” between the years 500-1000. Basically, the church, which pretty much ruled the world after the fall of the Roman Empire, declared … Continue reading You Don’t What You Don’t Know

Some Mainline Thoughts on Progressive Christianity

I”m still not really in the camp with Progressive Christianity. Maybe I should just stick to the phrase “follower of the teachings of Jesus” Here are some comments that tend to push me in that direction. It is from a webinar on the subject from the Church of Christ version of Christianity. 1)  You sometimes hear progressive Christians say things like, “The Bible is not … Continue reading Some Mainline Thoughts on Progressive Christianity

Taking Offense… Being Too Sensitive

I see where Elizabeth Warren has now apologized for saying that she has Native American roots? Her DNA test proved that she has ancestors who were Native American so what’s the problem? Well, it seems that some Native American tribes take offense to her; they are saying a bloodline is not the same as tribal membership. I can understand that but I don’t think she … Continue reading Taking Offense… Being Too Sensitive

How Would You Describe Yourself?

How you describe yourself is a pretty good indication of how you see your place in the world. Most people start off with their occupation, “I am an engineer…”. Some site past achievements, others family relationships. I think a major source of how you describe yourself must do with your future. It must be how you want to spend your remaining years on this earth. … Continue reading How Would You Describe Yourself?

Shutting Down Shutdowns

I can actually see some positive things that might come from these current times inside the beltway. “Shutting down the government should be as off limits in budget negotiations as chemical warfare is in real warfare,” Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, said on Friday. Source: New York Times There seems to be a small crack in the Trump support among the Republicans in Congress. … Continue reading Shutting Down Shutdowns

Positive Psychology

To this layman, it seems that most of the Psychology and especially Psychiatry professions today are now focused on fixing disorders in people. If you go to someone in those professions you must be broken in one way or another. You just don’t hear about psychologists helping people to improve their lives and relationships. That field is called Positive Psychology. While I was doing some … Continue reading Positive Psychology

What Does Being A Progressive Christian Mean?

I am not one to haphazardly join or agree with an organization without first being certain I know what they stand for. I have been stung once in that regard and I won’t let it happen again. My allegiance to is a process, not an epiphany. After discovering this organization I looked for what they stand for and found it in the following graphic. … Continue reading What Does Being A Progressive Christian Mean?

This N’ That- Sunday Morning…

CBS Sunday Morning I am a pretty regular watcher now of the Sunday Morning show on CBS surprisingly called “CBS News, Sunday Morning” 🙂 Last week it celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was started in 1979 with Charles Kuralt and is now hosted by Jane Pauley. I can remember Kuralt traveling around the country in his RV going to out-of-the-way places to tell us stories. … Continue reading This N’ That- Sunday Morning…


I will say up front here that I am not an advocate for homeschooling.  I think it deprives a person of some very necessary life experiences. What is the primary reason that parents give for homeschooling their children? We control the curriculum. With homeschooling, I can choose the curriculum that best meets my child’s learning style. A relaxed atmosphere.Homeschooling, for the most part, is a … Continue reading Homeschooling