Taking Offense… Being Too Sensitive

I see where Elizabeth Warren has now apologized for saying that she has Native American roots? Her DNA test proved that she has ancestors who were Native American so what’s the problem?

Well, it seems that some Native American tribes take offense to her; they are saying a bloodline is not the same as tribal membership. I can understand that but I don’t think she ever claimed to be a tribal member. Does it means that I can’t be proud of my Native American roots because I personally am not a member of an established tribe, I think that takes away much more than it might contribute to the conversation. I think the critics are being too sensitive.

On a personal level, I don’t claim to be part of the Deaf Culture but I most assuredly claim to be deaf. It is true that I don’t have any exposure to deaf organizations and I certainly don’t claim that. Is it offensive for me to proclaim I am deaf but not be associated with Deaf Culture? Is it child abuse to do something to allow a deaf child to hear? Some in the Deaf Culture believe so. They say that we would be denying the child his deaf culture. I think the critics are being too sensitive.

I have Aspie traits but have never been officially diagnosed to have Asperger’s Syndrome. Is that offensive to those who have been clinically diagnosed? I hope not, but I can imagine that to be in at least some cases. It is estimated that more than ninety percent of people with Aspie traits have never sought treatment or diagnosis for those traits. In spite of the negative view of autism, I am proud to claim that I am a unique individual who copes pretty well and even deem my Aspie traits to be more positive than negative.

Getting back to the point of this post, I see where Kamala Harris is now apologizing for some of the things that made her a successful prosecutor. It seems she threatened a homeless person with jail time because of a truancy issue. Never mind that tactic is used thousands of times a day by prosecutors in order to get people to obey the law and therefore not have to move against them legally. She was doing it for the good for the person. I think the critics are being too sensitive.

And now there is the Virginia Governor who appeared “black face” in a drinking party almost forty years ago and was unfortunate enough to get his picture taken next to a guy in a KKK hood. Yes, that was a stupid thing to do but does it ameliorate everything he has accomplished since that day. What happened to the idea of forgiveness?

I think that we just might be destroying the Democratic party for the sake of sometimes over-sensitiveness. If one mistake, even if it was commonplace in the past, prevents you from becoming a public servant who is left to serve? We all live in glass houses.

Just because the Republican Party has become the party condoning lies, contempt, and seemingly without any moral values doesn’t mean that the Democrats have to go in the exact opposite direction. I think the critics are being too sensitive.

6 thoughts on “Taking Offense… Being Too Sensitive

  1. I so agree. Many potentially a good candidate and person could be stopped in their tracks by this. The right wing seems to get away with so much now with trump as their example and the left almost have to go overboard, showing they are not like that. Where will this all end? And now Amy Globacher is being accused of being horrible to her previous staff.
    I can’t imagine a world where trump is re-elected.


  2. There, really, is not enough DNA from indigenous US tribes to find a blood line. Hers was Aztec- the only sample that is large enough to distinguish. I understand the belief that she was Native. Almost every person I know who grew up in the West believed that they were ancestrally Native- because it was “Cool” to be such in the late 1880’s. I don’t judge either side- since I am neither indigenous nor a person who was told that I was. I wish she would just say: “I have already said what I believed ” and move on! She has some good ideas are good ones.
    Personally, I am watching Tulsi Gabbard, and Julian Castro. We need fresh ideas and people who have the ear of the next generation. Neither have ground themselves into the dirt of one side or the other. Obama won because he preached hope….

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    1. The trouble with Obama was although he was a good dreamer, he was just not experienced enough to put it an action. From what I have learned so far about Castro and Gabbard they seem to be about the same. First of all we need someone who can take on Trump and put him down, then look for a person who has the experience/adversity to actually lead us out of our current state. Right now for me that is Harris.

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  3. Personally, if confronted by some stupid thing I did back in college/high school, I’d simply say “if you seriously think something I did back 30-40 years ago is in any relevant to my doing my current job, considering how I have behaved since then you are welcome to… (impeach, not approved me, etc.) then go for it. I’m done dealing with it I’ve got a job to do.”

    I think if Brent Kavanaugh had done that the whole thing would have just petered out.


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