If You Really Must Fear Something…

There seems to be nothing that some people won’t fret about. They fear imaginary rapists crossing our borders by the thousands. They fear liberals who are intent on destroying their way of life. They see the media as an enemy of the people. They fear whatever their cult leader tells them to fear.

If you must really live your life focused on fear, then at least fear something that is real. Fear something that will actually do you harm and from a recent column in the New York Times by David Brooks that something is CHINA. Here are a few quotes about that. I would highly encourage you to read the entire article.

No, I don’t think we have to fear that China will invade our country but they are in the process of taking over our leadership role in science and technology and that in itself will lead to world dominance.

According to a report just released by Marco Rubio, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, China’s artificial intelligence industry has grown by 67 percent over the past year and has produced more patents than its U.S. counterparts. One estimate suggests China is investing as much as 30 times more capital in quantum computing than the U.S. My colleague Thomas L. Friedman notes that China already has the No. 1 and No. 3 drone manufacturers in the world, and it is way ahead of us on technologies like facial and speech recognition…

Fourth, the Chinese challenge is no longer just economic; it’s moral and intellectual. It’s a clash of two value systems. And many people around the globe now believe that Beijing’s values are better.

Source: New York Time – David Brooks

Quantum computing, Artificial intelligence, and robotics along with renewable resources will be the drivers for the 21st century. To see that we are for the most part turning domination of those technologies over to the Chinese is scary for our future. To see China almost totally focused on the future while we are obsessed with the next quarterly dividend is writing on the wall so to speak.

In a capitalist system such as ours, it is the government’s responsibility to push the capitalist toward a longer view. In the past, they have done that through regulations and tax incentives as well as some targeted goals, such as “putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade” of the 1960s. Today our government is so gridlocked that none of that is happening. They now spend all their time battling the “other” side who they deem their enemies. That very counterproductive world just might prove to be the fall of the democratic empire so to speak. That gridlock and pathetic leadership is something you really need to fear.


  1. Welcome back RJ. A lot of what is wrong with our country got a large boost during the Reagan years. Trickle down, deregulate everything, government is always the problem, greed is good etc. Our belief that stockholder rights are supreme, even above the community and the people that live in it. Constantly trying to degrade public education by turning towards private elite solutions. The free market will solve healthcare costs and provide universal access. What we have accomplished is to drive a larger wedge between the haves and have nots. It has gotten so ridiculous that some of the have nots even believe they will some day rise above their peers if they just stick with this self centered greed based belief system. A few will. The majority will sink further. The bottom line is we are all in this together. In order to right this ship we will have to make financial sacrifices to provide a better opportunity for future generations. If we stick with the greed, fear & division we will rightfully be sunk and someone else will take the lead. Chinese? Maybe.


    • Couldn’t agree more Fred. Yes, we are all in this together but it only takes a strong majority of us to affect change. We can push that ignorant fringe along with us whether they want it or not. If, or maybe when, China takes over as the world leader they will, of course, promote communism as the solution to all our problems. When the people have lost their power of the vote it will be almost impossible to restore it.


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