Riding Into The Sunset…

I was about ten-years-old before I saw my first TV set. It was a big box with a little grey-lined screen. One of the things I remembered most about what I saw in that box was that the good guys always won. If it was a western, most often the hero would ride off into the sunset at the end of the show. Matt Dillon took on so many bad-guys during his years on Gunsmoke that it is almost impossible to determine how many bad-guys he took down. The bad guys always lost in the end.

Flash forward to today and the good-guys-always-winning seems so naive now. People who are morally bankrupt, who cheat and lie seem to flourish. There is even one in the Oval Office. In order to take him down, it would require two-thirds of the Congress to be good guys and that seems literally impossible now.

Watching the Cohen fiasco a few weeks ago was an eye-opener even after all gutter stuff that has gone on in the last two years. To see Republican Congressmen who totally ignore the bad stuff happening and instead they attack the person who is reporting it. Yes, I know that Cohen is a liar but isn’t the person they are defended the ULTIMATE LIAR? It is reported that he has told over 10,000 documented lies in the last two years alone. That is an average of more than ten lies a day! Lord knows what the count would be if we had access to what is said inside the White House.

They don’t even bother anymore to pretend that what he does is “not that bad”. But I still hold onto the hope that those cowardly Congressmen will be held accountable for their not taking on the bad guys.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to watch the Congressional posse ride into the sunset after taking down the bad guy? Just like the “Good Old Days” sixty years ago. Now that I would say is great again.

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