Clearing The Distractions…

Now that the Mueller Investigation is finally over I hope we will no longer be totally engulfed with the daily news of possible scandal and can finally concentrate on what is actually happening to our democracy. Yes, we have an incompetent in the Oval Office but our attention should be to keep him from doing irreparable harm for his remaining one year and nine months in office.

Looking back, I was never that hopeful that a “smoking gun” would be found in the two-year, which seemed like ten year, investigation. I never really deemed him smart enough to accomplish something as complicated as collusion. Given the verocity of the MAGA cult, an impeachment would probably have done more damage to our country than what he can do in the next two years, especially since we finally have a check on his power via the US congress.

I realize that 2016 events were just an exercise in self-praise and spiteful games for the current Oval Office occupant. He never really intended to be president so why would he even expose himself to a treasonable scenario even if he could accomplish it? He is there because of the defective electoral college tradition and proud ignorance of so many who voted blindly without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

Getting back to the point here, I’m glad this is almost over so we can spend the next two years concentrating on the drastic changes he taught us are needed in the executive branch to reign in a future incompetent. We need to have in place a way to quickly fix the damage he is doing to worldwide efforts to attack global warming once he leaves.

Another issue I hope we have time to address now is how to convince the unconvinible that his version unfettered capitalism is not a solution, but instead, the major source for the financial inequity in our country. Yes, the stock markets might have temporarily gone up with his tax break for the affluent but at the same time most important quality-of-life metrics continue going down for the rest of us. These include: skyrocketing suicide rates, a health care system that is unattainable for too many, a military complex that starves much needed infrastructure improvements, and pretty much anything else.

We need to do the equivalent of hitting our citizens, especially the MAGA cult, over the head with a two-by-four to get them to realize that our country will cease to exist as we know it if we don’t address all the issues that are currently being proudly ignored by the current Oval Office occupant. I just hope it is not too late!

Finally I dream of a time when I can once again look at any news source and not see it totally consumed by an orange-haired narcissist.

3 thoughts on “Clearing The Distractions…

  1. You’ve got a long wait…about 5 more years and trying to change the base cult?…..forget it, ain’t gonna happen…

    I know I’m a pessimist ( I really think a realist), but just saying……


  2. I dislike some of the words of this man, but what he has chosen to do is pretty amazing. The First Step Act, taking over the ghettos of New York, giving families more of their money to raise their children, trying to get us out of the war business(this is sooooo tough), trying get our trade under control and our world to peace. If he is willing to take on the insurance lobby —I would be thrilled! My brother (57) is at $800 a month with a $10,000 deductible…..Just him!
    If you can get past the words and look at the deeds….. I find it strange that you can be so positive in many other posts- but resort to name calling every chance you get with this man. What can he add to our lives that others choose not to take on?


    1. Thanks for the thoughts again, Mary. I think my response to your words should not be hidden inside a comment to a comment, so I will dedicate an new post on them soon. My queue is about two weeks long right now so it will be a while, but I look forward to speaking about the items you raised.


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