It’s About Trust

It used to be that trust was a foundational thing in a person’s life. It used to be if a person lost the trust of others, he was proclaimed to be persona-non-grata until he proved he was trustworthy again. How did the reversal of that happen to so many in our American society? That is what this post is all about.

I’m sure you know who I am talking about, but if you don’t, the untrustworthy person is the current Oval Office occupant. This guy has been documented to tell dozens of lies every day during his time in office. . He seems to take great pride in that fact too! He proudly boasts of things he absolutely knows are not true. To me that is the epitome of someone I detest, and yes, for the first time in my life I do detest this president.

Due to his endless lying, I take the approach of automatically assuming anything he says is blatantly false. Most of the time that turns out to be an accurate assessment, sometimes not. I guess I should give him credit for some of the things he does, but given all the rest it is a hard thing for me to do. It would kind of like be saying that some white supremacists are good people. I have come across a few other people like him in my life before. Mostly I have managed to cast them out of my orbit, but since this one affects so much of our daily living that is almost impossible to do.

Now, getting to the heart of this matter, it totally astonishes me as to those who hang on every word he says. They say “that is just who he is”. I also say “that is who he is” but the difference is they love him because of that, whereas I loathe him because of that. How can you say someone is doing a great job if you can’t, in your heart, trust them?

But to me by far the most damaging result of their backing is that many then go and proclaim to be “Christians”. I wish some of them would open their Bible to show me where the evidence of that is with this guy? I can certainly open my Bible and show you where it is not.

If there is not contract of trust with our leaders then we might as well throw in the towel as a country now and get it over with. If that is what we have become, we deserve what we get.


  1. The following we know are facts. DJT is a pathological liar, narcissist, racist & a sociopath. All a person has to do is look at what he has personally said and his long well documented business & personal history to come to these conclusions. He may also be guilty of felonies related to tax evasion and lying to obtain loans. The felonies have not been proven yet. A tiny insignificant lie is DJT cannot even correctly state where his father was born. You can look this up yourself. It was not Switzerland or Germany. It was the USA. This is a fact. It is not debatable. It is not something one could forget. Now multiply this by thousands. Most of them you can research yourself. I would much prefer that his supporters simply state, I do not care about any of his moral shortcomings. I do not care if he never tells me the truth. I only care that I am getting what I want in policies and everything else be damned.
    During the 2016 election an acquaintance and Trump supporter stated it very well. “Trump is a conman, but maybe a conman is just what we need”. Just remember that a conman eventually screws everyone, including those who thought they would benefit from the con.


  2. It might be interesting to see exactly which lies you are most convinced by. Not “maybe” or “some think” or mis step of speech(Opps his father was the son of German Immigrants- who was conceived in Bavaria- opps again–conceived is not a baby–I forgot this mindset. And who the heck really cares????).
    As far as being a Christian and trusting leadership. Many of the prophets of the Bible lied, stole and laid with women who were not there own. God used these people. And then you have St Paul—not a really nice guy that God chose. Trust but verify.
    I would never have voted for Hillary. I was the victim of her family lies. I researched her foundation (30 million in the first year of her regimen as Sec of State and dry now). I did vote for Obama- who did not deliver on the Hope and Change he promised (divided the country more then united—bombed the hell out of the Middle East—and my brother STiLL pays an unGodly amount for his health care. His teen daughter was had the largest trust fund in the entire country when they left office. )
    I voted with a close pin on my nose. Trust. Yup. So far he has completed almost everything that I trusted him for. I do not listen to his speeches–he is a typical sales man—lots of bluster—BS to the max. I was not going to marry him. I just wanted someone to do the job.
    I contend that most people who voted for Trump do not love him, just as most who voted for Clinton did not love him years ago. He was the better of the two choices at the time. Trust comes when he does what he said he would.
    The nicest President we ever had? Carter. Between inflation and poor foreign policy, he almost destroyed the country.
    Do I think there could be someone better the next election—ABSOLUTELY. I pray there is. I am very open.
    By calling all those who voted for him names- does not help them to look.
    By my 40 year voting record I am a true independent- convince me 🙂


    1. Interesting thoughts there Janette. Let me make something clear, I did not say ” all those who voted for him “. I am addressing the MAGA cult who are those who continue to go to his “how Great I Am” rallies and cling to everyword. Yes, I too held my nose when I voted in 2016. The choices were terrible. But I chose someone who at least was somewhat prepared for the office, not someone who simply having fun spitefully mocking and lying about anyone who opposed him. He is a despicable human being by any sane person’s account.


  3. We have a very different idea of what it means to be prepared for a job. And there lays the crux of the disagreement.


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