About My Religious Beliefs

I have heard comments from some who have visited RJsCorner that seem to believe that I am anti-religious. This post will hopefully dispel that belief. Learning of things spiritual is a very fundamental part of what it means to be human. The primary method to accomplish to start this journey are religious establishments. They are the holder of the history of mankind in that context. In my grade school times I spent seven years being taught by Jesuit priests about Jesus. While at that young age I couldn’t fully comprehend what I was being taught, it did teach me to later be able to question some of what I learned.

Sadly many religious establishments don’t take kindly to questions. I kinda think God is up to any questions we might have about him. But to some it is considered an affront to their beliefs. They say you must take everything we say on faith. I think a high percentage of the current political “Evangelicals” fit this mold. “Don’t question, just believe!” They absolutely insist it be that way. But some religious establishments are open to questions. I know Catholics are in that category and I think Quakers are as well. I really donā€™t know how many others are out there?

None of us had a choice as to where we would obtain our initial understanding of things spiritual. Our parents made that decision for us. Some were taught by today’s version of “Evangelicals” that actions don’t matter, it is only what you believe that is important. Some were taught that actions mean more than words when it comes to the teachings of Jesus. I fall into that camp.

One critical question for our time how long will the “no action required” Christians carry on with their excuses of supporting Trumpā€™s immoral actions and policies? Everything he does conflicts with Jesus’ teachings!

One simply cannot be a follower of Jesus and also support Donald J. Trump and his unconscionable policies. To me that is glaringly simple.

Based on the red letters in the scriptures, I am convinced if Christ were physically present today, he too would be unleashing his harshest criticism for those who hypocritically claim to follow his teachings, yet are marching in the opposite direction in their lives. They are giving to Caesar what belongs to God.

Closing out this post I will tell you that I am a firm believer in the teachings of Jesus but am also totally committed to the idea of religions coexisting with each other. Much of world history is about religions killing people who don’t believe as they do. You certainly have a right to believe what you want as long as it doesn’t keep me from doing likewise. That is where I stand when it comes to my spirituality.

2 thoughts on “About My Religious Beliefs

  1. Is that really CoExist? I have never understood this argument. They think differently then you. They are following their interpretation of their faith. Can you CoExist without judgement? My family is: Evangelical, UU , Catholic, Wicca, LDS, and those who live for today- and we all still get along. Great discussions every election. Actually, the only one who doesn’t get along is the one who insists that we are all intolerant people…. We still invite her to everything.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Jan. Of course, if you think differently than someone else you surely judge your belief more than theirs. Coexist means let them believe without attacking them. It just means getting along with each other as your family does. You make a great example of coexist.


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