Mayor Pete…

As my first candidate to look at in my “The Next President” series I want to focus on a local guy. Who would have ever thought that the mayor of a small Indiana town could get such attention? All you have to do is google “Mayor Pete” and he comes up.

How could a 37 year-old from perhaps the most conservative State north of the Mason-Dixon line even show up on the radar? He isn’t rich by any means and moreover he has proudly proclaimed that he is a gay person with a husband! I mean he graduated from high school after the millennium! Despite all of this he is a front runner in the second pack for president.

But once you look a little deeper you see what attracts so much attention. He is the exact opposite of the current Oval Office occupant(#CO3). Mayor Pete has more experience in government than #CO3. He served in the military, whereas #CO3 dodged the draft. He has more executive experience than the current VP. His resume is impressive.

As David Brooks said in a recent column in the New York Times, the Trump era has been about dissolving moral norms and waging vicious attacks. Mayor Pete transcends all of that. He simply will not stoop to that level in any part of his life.

Mayor Pete’s campaign raised almost $25 million in the second quarter from some 400,000 donors. Once you hear him talk you immediately understand how that happened. He is almost the epitome of what many hope the 21st century will be about. It is about thinking things through to come up with the most nuanced answer. It is about kindness, not contempt for your fellow citizens of this earth. It is about accepting our diversity as a major reason for our country’s successes. Mayor Pete is all those things.

Who couldn’t love that face!!

I will admit that he is not my first choice for the Democratic nominee, but I think he would be one hell of a vice president and then president in 2028. He will be forty-six then and have all that national experience for a dominate presidential campaign. I am convinced he is what this country needs to thrive in the 21st century.

Here’s to you Mayor Pete, I wish you all the luck in this current fight and all your efforts in the future.