All About Greta…

The young 16-year old from Sweden has gotten my attention for a number of reasons. This post is about her and how she has charged into world attention.

If you haven’t heard about her lately then you must be living in a cave. 🙂 She has been active on the environmental scene for a couple of years now, but her arrival in the US via a solar powered ship brought her world attention.

It’s hard to believe but this 16-year old is responsible for over 4 million school kids skipping classes last Friday so that they could demonstrate to get people to actively pay attention to how we are destroying young people’s future due to our inaction.

Of course the climate deniers/MAGA clan are on the attack. They insinuate that since she has Asperger’s, which has recently put on the Autism spectrum, that she can’t possibly understand the climate change hoax, or much of anything else. Since I have some pretty serious Aspie traits, I am very offended by their remarks. I know that Asperger’s makes us different but I like Greta believe that is an asset, not a hindrance as these very uninformed are spewing out!

Here are some spiteful words from the usual antagonizers:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham, meanwhile, juxtaposed Thunberg’s speech with a clip from the 1984 horror film Children of the Corn, joking, “I can’t wait for Stephen King’s sequel, Children of the Climate.

President Trump tweeted sarcastically on Monday that Thunberg, who had just charged the audience at the United Nations Climate Summit with stealing “my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” seemed like “a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future.

Others on the right also mocked and dismissed Thunberg, with conservative commentator Michael Knowles calling the 16-year-old activist a “mentally ill Swedish child” on Fox News. Knowles appears to have been insulting Thunberg for having Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Autism isn’t a mental illness — it’s classified as a developmental disability. But advocates say that attacks like the ones Thunberg has faced are all too familiar for autistic people.

Source: Vox

As is typical of most teenagers, Greta is very active on social media. I will let her speak for herself via her recent Twitter post. (Click on any of the three to see it in a larger view. (click the back button to come back here).

I don’t know what it will take for our world leaders to start seriously addressing this very critical issue? But I know if there are enough like Greta out there, things will happen with or without them. By our inaction, we are as complicit as those who denounce climate change and its destruction.

Thank you Greta for doing what so many others fail to do…

2 thoughts on “All About Greta…

  1. The climate change deniers are not content to come up with “alternate facts” to make their case. Some must use the lowest form of attacks: denigrating those who disagree as mentally ill, dupes of others, or part of a grand “deep state” conspiracy.

    For now, Greta is the public face of the movement for sanity and reality in global warming discussions. Thank goodness she is not alone in her battle to save us from ourselves.

    The disgusting attacks on her make it obvious that disputing reality doesn’t work. Now, one must attack the messanger, not the message.


  2. I agree totally with your comments Bob. The sooner we can push all these folks into the deep background the better. We need to make it obvious that the current guy in the Oval Office does not represent most of us or our principles. In fact, he is the opposite of what I, and I hope many others stand for as Americans. The sooner that big mistake is gone the better. If not by impeachment then by an absolute defeat in about thirteen months.


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