OK MAGA, You Win…

Ok, MAGA/Evangelicals, you win. I give up on the idea that you will eventually get over your hatred for so many things and so many people in our world. At one time I truly believed that eventually your self-consuming fear would subside and you would rejoin the rest of us in celebration of American diversity and true Christianity.

I think my turning point was just a couple of days ago when I watched a town hall meeting in New York State. A number of you proudly wearing your MAGA hats stated that you hate your representative to his very core because he does not TOTALLY support your President. You have moved hatred to an entirely new level. It is no longer about issues, it is about the darkest hatred imaginable.

If that was not enough, I watched you all cheer at a “How Great I Am” rally in Texas a couple of days ago. When he mentioned that the USA should merge with Russia to form the world’s largest super power, you said “yeah, yeah, yeah”. I don’t know what hold this guy has on you but it is so powerful that you are willing to give up everything about your country and religion to follow him no matter what he says. With all of this, I finally believe that it is now futile to even consider your condition temporary.

Exactly what this means in the grand scheme of things I will have to work out. One possibility is to drive you and your hatred to the background of American thought. Put you beside the white supremacists and the Neo Nazis in the dustbin of humanity. Another is to take pity on you but recognize that your condition is incurable. A third option is to start working on the idea of a total separation of America into “Red Russian America” and “True Blue America”.

I don’t know how this will all work out, or which scenario might happen. But, I am glad that I will not be around to see its ultimate consequences. So, why should I even worry about it? It is getting harder for me to hang on to the idea that somehow things will work out for us. I am an optimist at heart but maybe it is time to finally shed the possibility of reconciliation.

Finally, I despise what you have done to Christianity. You take the words of Jesus and turn them on their head. I fear you have finally kidnapped what was once my spiritual foundation. You have turned it into something that I no longer recognize. Shame on you for that!

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