Political Lessons Learned…

Are there lessons to be learned from the recent U.K. elections. I think there are, and that is what this post is all about.

I have been keeping up, at least to some degree, what is going on in the United Kingdom politics. I can see parallels there with our politics here in the US. And that kind of forced me to come to so resolution in whom I might support in our 2020 primary elections. But, first a little thought on U.K. history.

A little over a hundred years ago the United Kingdom was the sole powerhouse in the world. The British navy was second to none. And then the United States came along and toppled their dynasty. It is commonly recognized that the 18th century belonged to Britain and the 19th century to the United States of America. A number of things changed to make that happen. But, that is a story for a post next week.

Because of this election Britain may soon not be able to hold on to the name United Kingdom. The Kingdom part has become irrelevant and the United part will likely soon follow. Brexit will likely cause Scotland to break off the UK and then rejoin the European Union. So, in the matter of a century they have gone from world power to just another small country. Many of their citizens seem to want it that way and in some ways I relate to that.

Ok, let’s get back to the main purpose of this post. The reason for Mr. Johnson’s strong victory is that his main opponent just too much a socialist for a big majority of their citizens. Those who could not tolerate the extremes his opponent proposed ended up either voting for Johnson or just staying home. Now, the scary part. Could this same scenario play out in our coming election?

I love many of the things that Elizabeth Warren is proposing. She truly wants to put the power back into the hands of the average citizen. But, she seems to be in too big of a hurry to be able to make that a smooth transition. I am a big believer in universal healthcare but the way to do that is not to just chop off the head of the current system. Elizabeth said she originally planned to implement single-payer healthcare immediately upon taking office, but now she has decided to wait a couple of years! I embrace change, but it needs to be done on a planned gradual process.

For the above reasons, I have sadly pretty much dropped Elizabeth Warren from my primary voting list. She needs to understand that most people are change averse. But, I think it is just too late for her to learn, and especially implement that lesson.