The Shunning… And Other New Years Resolutions

For the most part I greatly admire the Amish tradition, that is except for their practice of shunning. But, in their mind it is necessary to keep the faith pure. For me, I need to keep my sanity in the coming year and I think a shunning will help me do that. That is what this post is all about.

I will admit that this holiday period which is soon over almost always put me in a depressive mood. I don’t totally know why that is but this time around I got a pretty good idea of a couple of its major sources and that is the current Oval Office occupant #CO3 and the people who put him there.

I can declare that at least to some degree they have ruined one of the final years of my life. I don’t know which one I despise more, but I am going to do something here at RJsCorner about it. Starting tomorrow, I am shunning both! I simply can’t let them ruin the beginning of this new decade. Hopefully, by this time next year they will be put on a very back burner where they belong.

In the coming year I am going to try my best to never mention that orange haired egotist’s name or the proudly ignorant who put him where he is. I will simply quit trying to figure them out, they are not worth any of the time I have left. They are shunned as far as RJsCorner goes. I know I will likely break my vow at least a couple of times during the year, but I am firmly set on keeping this resolution as much as humanly possible.

But one thing I will not do is allow them to keep me from discussing who I think our next president should be. I will be looking to the future and ignoring much of the present and past, especially for what happens inside the beltway. I know this decision will likely reduce my view counts here but I don’t care. I love my loyal viewers and hope they stick around for what I have to say about other things.

Being the masochist 😜, I am also working on three new blogs to keep me occupied during this cold and housebound season and to give me purpose for the coming new decade.

  • One will be artistic in nature
  • Another will be centered around my recent fascination with signs and symbols all the way from caveman images to today’s emojis.
  • And finally, the most ambitious of all, is a site for RescuingDemocracy via a grass-roots movement!

I will explain those further in the coming weeks as they develop. I need new challenges in my life and I think these three topics will fit the bill fine for now.

Thanks for the best year yet here at RJsCorner. But, I think I can say with some certainty that

The Best Is Yet To Come