Looking Back Sunday – Politics & Religion

As will be the ongoing practice here, I am looking back five years to the week and comparing what I wrote then to what I see and feel now. Here is the current edition:

What is surprising about this post is how these two in intolerances have merged! The politics of our current times has gotten down right hideous and at least one version of Christianity has followed it into the gutter. I never would have predicted that some who call themselves Christians could totally ignore practically all the teachings of Jesus when to justify their political stands. It seems like that should be the other way around.

They say the young people today are denouncing conventional political parties to back a socialist/independent for president and are also leaving the pews because of all the hypocrisy in those buildings. If RJsCorner is around in five years and still doing Looking Back Sundays I wonder what this movement will look like then? Might the ugliness of today destroy one or both of these institutions?

Yeah, we definitely need a lot less of what is now the Political/Religious Movement.

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