Change vs Restoration – The Final Look At It Before The First Votes

This post is my final one about the presidential race before people actually start voting for who will defeat the despicable person in the Oval Office. It will primarily be about Change vs Restoration and the candidates who fit into those molds.

If you believe the polls, they have often been wrong, the top two candidates in Iowa are Sanders and Biden. I can’t say that I am terribly happy about that but that appears to be what it is. Both will be in their 80s if they do set up residence in the Oval Office. I recently put out a post about my feeling that Biden is just not up to the job. He, like me, just has too many “senior” moments. Even the look on his face now confirms my personal beliefs about him.

I prided myself during my corporate years of being a very effective programmer. I wrote apps for a 200+ engineering division in a large telecommunications’ company. 🤣 I did it with less resources and more success than anyone else before me. I would like to think that I could do it again now, but I really know better in my heart. Too much has changed and my mental facilities are just not as sharp as they were in those days. Joe likes the idea of being president but that is just not enough.

Ok, now on to the main point of this post.

Joe Biden is a restoration candidate. That is he wants to take us back to the good old days before the current Oval Office occupant destroyed the political landscape. He promises to take us back to the Obama years. Of course, even doing that now is likely a near zero possibility.

Bernie Sanders is not looking back but instead looking forward. He is the change candidate. A big portion of his base are those below 30 whereas Biden’s base is in their 60s and beyond. One thing about Bernie is that he is his own man. He doesn’t play politics as the party-based candidates do. That is probably one of the reasons the younger voters are attuned to him. I am starting to get into his camp myself. I wonder what my choices will be coming this May when its finally time for me to vote? Whatever my choice is it won’t mean much as it will all be decided before then.

If these are the two who end up at the top of the ticket when Super Tuesday comes then it will depend on which base turns out in higher numbers. Those over 60 like me have a lot of time on our hands, so we traditionally vote in higher numbers. But, if you believe the young are now getting very active in politics, they may well be the deciding factor in these primaries and for the coming years.

Let’s hope the electorate are up to the challenge of selecting the next president. We didn’t do so good the last time, did we?

3 thoughts on “Change vs Restoration – The Final Look At It Before The First Votes

  1. Now that Bloomberg has entered the race, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the nomination. Not my first choice, but, at this point, I’d vote for Tiny Tim’s ghost if he were running against Trump..


    1. My too Marquita. I will be keeping an eye out on him. He is another 77 year old but maybe that will be what it takes to defeat Trump. It would be almost assured that he would only run for one term, so whoever is picked for VP has a good chance of winning it the next time. I hope that is Pete or Amy.


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