Class War vs. Cultural War

They say the two political parties are betting their futures on which version of trench warfare will win out with the American electorate. This post is about explaining what the versions are and who the winner might be.

It seems that the two political parties are, of course, at war with one another. Who will win this war will likely clinch at least the near future for them. Let’s look at their war strategy to try to figure out which has the best hope of victory.

Class War

The Democrats, or at least the Warren and Sanders wings are betting on a class war. Their main mantra is that the rich are getting richer, and we Democrats are ABSOLUTELY fed up with that. Elizabeth Warren is the figurehead of that war, but Bernie Sanders, and to one extent or another, so are the other candidates. That is except for Biden, he thinks he can win by just pledging to go back to the good old days.

Warren has pledged to make the rich pay for all the things needed in our country, much the same as Trump pledged to make Mexico pay for his fortress wall. She seems to want to break up any corporation that has shown any degree of success. Is this a winning strategy for the Democrats?

Cultural War

Meanwhile, the Republicans are promising that they will defeat those who are intent on changing their culture.

  • They want to keep out all those foreigners who are taking jobs from the poor.
  • They will insure all Evangelicals that they will protect their institutions from all those wanting to change America.
  • They will promise all the NRA members that guns will never be gun control in ANY way.
  • They promise all us rural folks that they will never allow all those big-city people to ignore them any longer.

But, which is the stronger strategy of war? That is the question at hand. Does a class war win or does a cultural war?

One of the problems with class warfare is that those most affected are usually the lowest turnout at the voting booth. Let’s face it, poor people just don’t vote to any degree. Those that actually could benefit see themselves as middle-class and not affected by the 1%.

Whereas, a cultural war is attacking those who threaten our way of life. They see things changing way too fast. They fear that their very existence is at stake.

I kinda believe, when it comes down to it, that the cultural war strategy is the stronger of the two and probably has the most active base. So, if this election is won by which type of warfare you champion, the GOP are likely the winners.

I am hopeful that instead of cultural vs class wars, this election will be won on the basis of morality and decency and more importantly who has the well-being of the nation and the world at heart. Who puts country over party. If that is the case then it is a certain win for the Democrats.

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