I Used To Look Down On Those Who Don’t Vote…

I used to look down on those who don’t vote, but I changed my mind.

That is what this post is all about.

I always thought it was disgraceful that in any national election in the U.S. that less than half of us voted. “Shame on them” was my mantra. How dare they shirk such an important responsibility! It took my friends over at the Medium to see the error of my ways.

I am a perfect example of wasted energy. I have voted in 13 presidential elections now and only three of them counted. Three out of thirteen is a pretty good batting average, so I am told, but it is for other things a waste of time. Why would I keep doing the same thing time after time and expect a different result? Einstein told me that is the definition of stupidity, and since it fits me I guess I am just stupid.

I continue to vote even though I know it doesn’t matter at all. My vote ends up as making no difference at all. Why it that? The answer is because of the Electoral College. You see, my State is one of the forty-seven who awards its electoral votes as a winner-take-all. That makes my vote useless a big majority of the time. How can I look down on those who realized this fact before I did? Maybe I am really stupid!

I have been reading quite a bit about the Electoral College, both the pro and con sides and am convinced that it is not the main problem. The winner-take-all is the culprit the vast majority of the time. I don’t know who decides how to select the college, but I’m pretty sure it is done at the State level.

Long story short, if I want my vote to count it must be done by insisting that my state assign their electoral college members in proportion to the actual votes. If 60% of the voters in my State votes chose a given candidate then he should get only 60% of our electoral college votes. That shouldn’t require a constitutional amendment to accomplish.

All these years I have been pointing to the wrong reason for our low vote counts. Shame on me…