National Propositions

Take It To The People

The office of the president has too much power. That is glaringly obvious to most of us now. We need to give a big part of it back to the people. That is what this post is all about.

I haven’t looked at any statistics yet, but it seems that almost every major change in our society happens in California first. We pragmatists need to learn a lesson from that. The one thing that California has that most States don’t are election “propositions”. When something out of the ordinary is needed many times it ends up on the State’s election ballots as a proposition. I think that is a good thing. Take the power out of the politician’s hands and give it back to the people where it rightly belongs.

I’m not sure just what we can strip from the Executive Branch to resolve in this method, but anything would help. We just need to be sure that future wannabe despot doesn’t take us down the same road as the current one. It is obvious to absolutely everyone now that we can’t count on those we elect to always look for our needs. Too often their actions are guided by their needs instead of ours.

Starting January 21, 2021, whoever is left inside the beltway needs to address some very fundamental changes that are needed in our way of governing ourselves. It is amazing that we have managed to thrive with a 300-year-old document to guide us thus far. But maybe that needs to change soon.

A few things that come to mind is to nationalize the process for electing a president. Right now the States seem to have all the power. The “winner-take-all” method of allotting delegates mutes the votes from almost half of every State’s citizens. After some diligent thought that, not the electoral college, is the reason why we have the guy we presently have. The president is a national representative, so we should get the often biased States out of it and give it back to all the people where it belongs.

Let’s give more power back to the people.

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