The Obsession With Toilet Paper?

What is it about toilet paper that has so many people obsessed with it. It is as if they think that will be the new money. 🤪 That, in a rather strange way, is what this post is all about.

I gotta tell you up front that I live in a rather small town in the very conservative State, so I am sure we have more than our share of survivalists around. When they heard that their leader in the Oval Office was finally convinced that the pandemic was not a hoax to keep him from being re-elected, they immediately rushed to our local supermarket and bought up every available roll of toilet paper. That seems to be a pretty strange priority among them. Rushing to the gun store to stock up on bullets and new guns is understandable, but why toilet paper?

Maybe I missed the Fox New broadcast that TP will become the new currency during these end-times. But even that doesn’t make any sense. To hear them tell it the pandemic will soon be followed by the rapture so why do they need toilet paper at all? For those of you who don’t know what the rapture is here is a little to explain it. Here is what Wikipedia says about that:

So, if they are going to immediately heaven why do they need all that toilet paper? Why don’t they leave some for the rest of us who will still be here? It just doesn’t make sense. Fortunately, with my wife’s primary hoarding characteristic we had a rather large supply even before we heard the word “pandemic”. So, if I personally won’t run out of toilet paper. I have a lot bigger problem than how to wipe my butt.

4 thoughts on “The Obsession With Toilet Paper?

  1. A bit of a different perspective? My daughter has three kids. In normal times she is the only one home 10 hours a day. That is 10 hours where others poop and pee at offices or schools. As a retiree, I know we go through three rolls a weekish. Suddenly everyone was home for her. Her normal seven rolls a week? Two rolls of paper towels? Husband with cancer?
    We have a good friend in Hong Kong warn us about school and industrial TP was not sold to homes, Hong Kong was out of TP in mid Jan. She was making family cloths for her millionaire employers. My daughter did the math. If they were home for four weeks ( they are in week six), they needed about ….! Wow! That was lots of TP. We talked family cloths. She started to build up her number of rolls.
    At the beginning of the run, she stayed home. My nephew in Portland was in a panic. His day care provided diapers….and suddenly closed. His wife and he are gone 11 hours a day during the week. They had a four pack of TP and a small pack of diapers…..
    So yes, until the few home use tp places ramped up, TP became a currency. The hard stop places were far worse because they had to stay in. Period.
    A little sympathy for those struggling to keep people safe- people like us. They do not want to be called hoarders. I assure you my nephew in Portland is NOT an evangelical. They did not have time to ramp up like your wife. My sister mailed the TP.
    My daughter’s urban restaurants started selling those brown paper towels and industrial TP (15 inch rolls) about two weeks ago. Subway and Panera are selling milk from bladders in mason jars and are breaking down their industrial packaged produce and eggs into personal size. They are pulling hard for their communities- corner stores. Maybe that would be a great post?
    And if you think you are worried about the future? They are in their 30s and paid plenty into SS….until now.
    I have ten nephews and nieces- formerly well paid- under 40 who are waiting for unemployment.

    Please use your stimulus money well.


    1. Thanks for the story Janette. Yes, there are valid reasons for getting extra TP but that doesn’t explain to any degree what is going on. I see that the TP manufacturers now have TV ads out telling people to let others have a roll or two and quit buying it all up yourself.

      As I mentioned in the very start of this post it was about my small/rural/very conservative town. It was said in jest and not meant to be literally applied to every place else in the world. 😬


  2. My husband and I had an End Times (always capitalized in the churches I attended as a young person) discussion yesterday, when I jokingly warned him not to repeat a comment he’d made to my cousin, or he’d evoke an End Times warning. I was surprised when my Catholic-school raised husband of fifty years said he’d never heard the term. We grew up in the same Texas Gulf Coast community, my family Baptist and his family Catholic. We cannot drive outside our small Central Texas town in any direction without a business or lonely church with a bulletin board permanently proclaiming that the End Times are upon us. I guess he’s been keeping his eyes on the road while driving.


    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the story. I, too, was raised in the Catholic Church and had never heard of the End Times either. Since Catholics don’t take the Bible as literal absolute truth, those words like many others in the document were not given much attention.


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