My View Of The World… A New Blog

It seems that EVERYTHING is about Covid-19 lately. Even most of the blogs I visit daily are about it. I don’t know if you are like me, but I am becoming somewhat overwhelmed with it lately. It has only been going on for less than a month or so but it seems like a year at least. This post is going to be a respite for me and hopefully will also get your mind off it for at least a couple of minutes too.

While my social commitments have always been pretty sparse, they are now virtually non-existent so this has proven to be the perfect opportunity to take on this task. As I have mentioned before, my Aspie traits allow me to become laser focused on one thing to almost the exclusion of everything else. That is what happened this past week or so.

Some people can’t figure out what they want to do with their downtime lately I have been working many hours a day developing another website focused on creativity. It will likely go on-line by the end of this month. Here is a little snapshot of it.

It is focused on four very distinct areas:

  • Abstract Realism
  • Storytelling
  • TimeLine Chronicles
  • Rescuing Democracy

I won’t go into the details on this post but I will say that the vast majority of this new site’s content will be about creativity. As you can see it is very visually focused. The folks at WordPress have been very active in keeping their services leading-edge and this new theme I am using is one of the prime examples. While it doesn’t look like a traditional blog, it fits my venue very well and in a more dramatic format. Let me know what you think, and any ideas for improvements.

With this new site, RJsCorner will take on a more directed purpose of being my public journal of how I see our times. It will be more about the present and not so much the past or future. I will post here when I have something to say and will skip days when I don’t.

Having discovered how far WordPress has advanced in the theme’s area in the past year, I will likely change to a more visual format here as well, but it will stay the same in its focus on “Having My Say” about almost everything in 500 words or less.

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