It was fascinating to see an article about what Millennials just aren’t buying as much as previous generations have. From everything I have read it looks like they will take lead away from us Boomers when we were their age. They are all about changing the world and they should be. With global warming becoming a daily issue now and with pandemics likely to happen more frequently they need to take command. It’s their world that we are messing up.

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With this post I am bringing up a new category here at RJsCorner entitled #AloneTogether. For the most part it will be pictures and short stories from around my homestead that I hope will brighten your day. I am also hoping that some of you will share your #AloneTogether stories with me and my readers. 🥴

In light of yesterdays post about the world having pity on us, I thought I had better put out an immediate post about how we can show the world that we are doing something about our condition. That is what this post is all about.