#AloneTogether – Spring Feeding Frenzy

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With this post I am bringing up a new category here at RJsCorner entitled #AloneTogether. For the most part it will be pictures and short stories from around my homestead that I hope will brighten your day. I am also hoping that some of you will share your #AloneTogether stories with me and my readers. 🥴

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Mississinewa 1812

You never hear very much about the War of 1812 but there was a major battle that took place in Indiana.  It was just south of Ft. Wayne.  The British along with their Indian allies fought an Ohio militia there. It happened after the Brits took over Forts at Mackinac, Dearborn and Detroit which was part of the Northwest Territory (Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and … Continue reading Mississinewa 1812