Into The Looking Glass – 2017 – 2021

This is a personal perspective of the years between 2017 and 2021. This post is not meant to provide you with a high-level view of the world during this period. Instead, it is from the viewpoint of the 71-year-old to a 74 year-old with some pretty significant Aspie traits, although I didn’t know it had that name.

Of course, the main subject on this period of time is the current Oval Office occupant. The news has been totally consumed by his incompetence and ignorance and his 15,000+ lies since taking office. But the saddest thing is probably the MAGA people who hang on his every word as if it were some kind of divine alternate truth. In fact, some Evangelicals among them believe that he was sent directly by God to save our nation.

He calls devote racists and white supremacists “good people”while attacking almost everyone who dares to say anything negative about him. For those of us who cared to be informed about him, knew what these four years were going to be. After all his disgust for people of color and his demand for TOTAL loyalty has been his persona for decades. We knew what was coming but few of us imagined that he would have up to one-third of us drinking his Kool-aid.

But maybe even more tragic is that the Republican Party has sold their soul to try to keep in power. Doing so, they have lost any semblance of what they looked like even six years ago. This post is not about the future but I suspect that their allegiance to this man has doomed their party to extinction. What will replace it is very uncertain.

While the Republican Party is desperately trying to hold on to power, the Democratic Party is morphing before our eyes. People of color are finally fed up with the inequality and injustice that surrounds them and they are doing something about it and there is a lot of us following their example. So, in a way both present parties will likely soon cease to exist. And that is a good thing.

The most damage during this period may well prove to be a fractured America unable to hold itself together. If incompetence and dysfunction become the norm the center which holds America together will likely collapse.

What are some of the worst failures during this period? There are so many it hard to rank them. Just google “what is the worst thing about the Trump presidency?” and you will get a thousand possible answers.

Here is a small sample:

I want to end this post with a glimmer of hope. If we can survive the next six months I think things will turn around pretty quickly and hopefully without too much permanent damage to our democracy. I am hoping the coming election will also sweep out many Baby Boomers from political offices around the country. It’s time for them to go and turn the reigns over to those who will have to live with the consequences of these current times. Of course all this depends on those of us in the center of American life turning out in the polls despite all the roadblocks that are put in place to prevent that from happening.

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