Tipping Point, Breaking Point… Whatever You Call It

I have reached my tipping point with the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3). Maybe it is his 20,000th lie, I don’t know. I simply cannot stand to even see a picture of him now. I thought I could tough it out for four years. I was wrong!! But I did make it almost 90% of the way there. I guess I should be proud of that.

I can’t think if anything more disgraceful than to make the tragedy of the pandemic, and the approaching 130,000 lives lost in the US, a political thing. He has come out and said that if you support him then don’t wear a mask and if you wear one, you are on his nightly Tweet harassment list! But he did say that he put on a mask and looked at himself in a mirror, and he looks OK, so maybe he will wear one sometime. Absolutely EVERYTHING has to be about him! That’s simply what a narcissist demands.

My TV time in regard to current events is now limited to two venues. One is Fareed Zakaria on Sunday mornings and the other is BBC World New America. But even with those, my thumb is always on the FF button. I chose these two because they just don’t mention his name or show his image much. I think that is a deliberate strategy for them. Even my loyal friends the PBS NewsHour are off my list until after the elections. Well, maybe I will sneak a peek Mondays at Brainy Amy and Tame Tam and maybe Shields and Brooks on Friday but that is about it.

Most of my current sources for what is happening in the world now comes from printed media including the New York Times. With that media, I can quickly look away if they show his image. If you believe all the hype he doesn’t stand much of a chance in the coming election, but I thought the same thing the last time and look what happened! Lazy voters let 20% of the population put him in office. I will soon be giving all of my recent pandemic relief check to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

I am kind proud of myself and disappointed at the same time. I thought I could outlast this stuff, but I am proud that I lasted as long as I did. I am also proud that I haven’t turned ostrich and just stuck my head in the ground as so many others seem to be doing.

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