The Damaging Effects Of Extreme Wealth

I thought I would double-down on yesterday’s post and hit #CO3 again. After all, he won’t be around that much longer, (thank God). But this post is actually about extreme wealth and how it distorts those who are cursed with it. 🙄

The Trump clan like many multi-millionaire families has some pretty severe family issues. Wealth does to that people, especially inherited wealth. I think we should do all those folks a favor and greatly increase the “unearned income” tax level to at least what the common worker pays in income tax. Let’s face it #CO3 (Current Oval Office Occupant) just doesn’t know what it means to have to earn money. Daddy gave him $40 million to start off and then another $400 million in inheritance. He simply has no idea what the average family has to do to live, nor does he care in the slightest. It has to be all about him because that is all he knows.

Mary Trump who is a licensed clinical psychologist knows a thing or two about Uncle Donald. Here are a couple of exerts from a recent interview about her recent book Too Much and Never Enough – How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. Of course, #CO3 says that her book is all lies, but there must be a heavy dose of truth to get him so worked up about it.

“Donald has been institutionalized for most of his adult life,” she isn’t referring to anything so salubrious as mental health treatment. “Institutionalization” here refers to the gilded cosseting provided by the family name and fortune that ensured Donald would never have to survive by his own wits in the real world

The psychologist in her is sympathetic. She says her uncle has the emotional maturity of a 3-year-old and has “suffered mightily,” burdened by what she calls an insatiable “black hole of need.” He was trained to hunger endlessly for daddy’s approval; it’s just that now, as president of the United States, she says, the figures who remind him of home are Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

I see where he has been named the worst president in our history by a hundred well-known historical authors, and he hasn’t even left office yet. If you want to see the entire list of worst to best click here

The Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un quote is interesting, and given his adoration of these two despots there is very likely some truth there also. I seem to be getting to the point where I almost feel sympathy for #CO3. The cards in his deck were stacked long before he was even born. I usually get over that tinge of sympathy pretty quickly. But, one thing I will NEVER get over for are the voters who put this totally damaged person in office in the first place.

2 thoughts on “The Damaging Effects Of Extreme Wealth

  1. Sympathy for Trump, cursed with a devilish father, is a natural reaction. I share it, too. You can sympathize with Hitler, as well, who had the same sort of father (see:

    But I cannot share your rosy belief that Trump “won’t be around that much longer.” Here’s my view of what’s coming:

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    1. As I mentioned to Lavinia just now, my foundation is that “everyone” deserves a chance but if they show they have nothing to contribute then they are not worth our time.

      Yes, I have a “rosy” view of the world. Having a gloom and doom mentality would certainly make life pretty miserable for me. I try to be a realist but never give up hope.

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