What About Generation Z?

The first thing I noticed about the latest Pew Research data was their view of the current Oval Office Occupant (#CO3). 77% of Gen Z disapprove of him. Millennials were slightly below that number at 69%. Meanwhile, we Baby Boomer approve his time in office at 48%. I, a baby boomer, can’t even fathom why Boomers don’t see what is so clear to later generations. … Continue reading What About Generation Z?

Not Taking Jesus Seriously

As mentioned last Sunday, I am putting here some foundational posts from my blog at RedLetterLiving here before I resurrect it in September. From RedLetterLiving Blog – Feb 2014 The church frustrates me. I was once asked by a wealthy church what they could do to help end homelessness. I looked around and saw the thousands of square feet that lie empty every night, the … Continue reading Not Taking Jesus Seriously

Some Much Information, So Little Use…

I remember writing my first real essay in high school in the early 1960s. I don’t remember what the topic was, but I was determined to do a good job of it. To do that, I needed more information about my subject than the small rural high school library had. In fact, it didn’t have anything about my subject. To get the info I wanted … Continue reading Some Much Information, So Little Use…

Battlefield Snippets

You can think of my battlefield snippets as ammunition stored away in the battlefield trenches. They are primarily pieces of information and opinions that will be fleshed out in my later posts. I imagine these coming months will be very much like the gas-filled trenches of WW I. Lies and falsehoods will be lobbed into the trenches and it will be up to us to … Continue reading Battlefield Snippets

Our Food Is Killing Us…

We Americans are among the most unhealthy people in the world and a big part of that is due to our diet. Poor diet is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, causing more than half a million deaths per year. We will never solve our constant struggle to contain healthcare costs until we address this underlying problem. Yeah, we can tinker around … Continue reading Our Food Is Killing Us…

Our Independent Nature…

Some say America’s independent nature will prove to be our downfall. I can see some logic in that belief. Especially when “independent nature” become obnoxiously self-centered or even narcissist.Will these times be known as a paradigm shift or just a blip on the road to the ideal of American freedom? It used to be, or at least I have read it, that being “American” was … Continue reading Our Independent Nature…

These Times Are A Blip On The Radar Screen Of Life

Let’s face it, patience is just not much of a practiced virtue anymore. Proof of that is that so many seem to think that the current lockdown is agonizing. But it is only in its fourth month. Four months is nothing in comparison to most of our lifetimes. It is just a blip on our radar screen. Just look at Anne Frank, who was hidden … Continue reading These Times Are A Blip On The Radar Screen Of Life

Coming Back to RedletterLiving – Again

Given that much of the church of Jesus Christ has morphed into something entirely different, I feel compelled to bring RedLetterLiving out of its six-year hiatus. So, starting soon I will be posting at least weekly here again. The posts here will appear in parallel over at my home blog at RJsCorner.net but I think it is important that is also stands alone here. It … Continue reading Coming Back to RedletterLiving – Again

The Markets Are Not A Real Barometer Of Prosperity

The longer I live the more convinced I have become that the American style capitalist economy is unsustainable for much longer. Eventually, our version of capitalism must merge with socialist type system in order to survive. I know that is a “crazy” statement to make for most of us Americans, but hear me out. Our consumer driven economy demands that we buy more and more … Continue reading The Markets Are Not A Real Barometer Of Prosperity

Twitter Is Like Writing On A Public Toilet Wall

I heard the title above recently, although I don’t remember where, but it stuck with me. I will admit that I seldom even look at that site since you know who starting using it to spread his hateful lies. I’m sure that is one of the reasons I boycott it, but it is not the only one. Conspiracy theories thrive there as well as some … Continue reading Twitter Is Like Writing On A Public Toilet Wall