2 thoughts on “Snippet – What To Do With The Republican Party

  1. I’m not sure the Republican Party can be changed. Or wants to be… see https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-there-are-so-few-moderate-republicans-left/. I, for one, believe there remains a significant “Silent Majority” of folks that are, for example, fiscally responsible, sensitive to the needs of the environment, strongly in favor of civil rights for all and who are looking for practical, middle-of-the-road solutions to the multitude of problems we face that are not being addressed. They are dismayed and alienated by what they see coming from the right and distrustful of the impracticality of those on the left. The idealist in me hopes a new third party will arise out of the current vacuum in the political center. But, I’m not holding my breath.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Mark. Your comments ties in very closely to my post coming out next week about how we need to get away from a two-party system. It just makes it too easy to devolve into an “us vs them” environment that we find ouselves presently in. We need to recognize that we have many different views in different areas to just put us in two simple boxes.

      I’m kinda like you in that I am a fiscal conservative seemingly without a home. But am I really homeless? I think not. There are plenty of us around.


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