What About Generation Z?

The first thing I noticed about the latest Pew Research data was their view of the current Oval Office Occupant (#CO3). 77% of Gen Z disapprove of him. Millennials were slightly below that number at 69%. Meanwhile, we Baby Boomer approve his time in office at 48%. I, a baby boomer, can’t even fathom why Boomers don’t see what is so clear to later generations. I guess sadly too many of us have gone into the “lazy minds” mode of “don’t confuse me with the facts” in our retirement years.

Gen Z are, as are the Millennials, proving to be pretty pro-government. They for the most part celebrates our nation’s growing racial and ethnic diversity as the good thing. This gives me hope and optimism that our country will be just fine in the decades ahead once we get rid of the obvious poison now affecting us. I hope Gen Z realizes that they have the power to radically change the makeup of our government. Right now there are more bald millionaires than there are people of their generations running things in government offices. I pray that changes quickly.

Maybe I am in an extreme minority once again in that I am a Baby Boomer who want fellow Baby Boomers out of office as quickly as possible. We seem to be more of a problem than a solution now. As Thomas Jefferson said our government must be a mirror of the people who elect them. That isn’t even close right now. Maybe the shift will start in the coming election with more women and minorities taking over. I can only hope and pray that is so.

But I do hope that they have enough wisdom to keep some of us old folks around to help them understand our history and when and why we got it right or wrong with past decisions.

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