Promises Kept

I Keep My Promises

When I got my stimulus check a few months ago, although it seems like ages ago, I promised that I would send it to Biden to help him remove, with force if necessary, the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) from the White House, otherwise known as “The People’s House”. No, Trump can’t keep it when he leaves. I want to let you know that I just made that contribution. Well, sort of…

I said I would send all the $1200 to Biden but decided to split it up between Biden and the Senate fund. We definitely need to get all the Trump Enablers out of the Senate, especially the Majority Leader. Just look at the last 3.8 years to see that we have gone backwards in our commitments to keeping the world safe. What climate change initiatives we had four years ago were quickly abandoned. That very fact seems to say that the GOP just doesn’t care about what kind of future they leave for their children and grandchildren. It seems to be all about destroying the other party to them.

They have obliterated the idea that the US is a shining beacon welcoming those who want to be part of it. They have locked the door thinking that they are protecting what we have, when in reality they are destroying the very core of our nation. Ok, that’s enough soapbox for now. Let’s get back on topic.

Instead of giving all $1200 to Biden I decided to give him $500 and $500 to taking the Senate away from the Republicans. Nothing can happen with them maintaining the majority there. The other $200 went specifically to defeating McConnell who has been a avid enabler of the twisted person in the Oval Office. I can’t think of a better use for my pandemic check.

Now for the second shoe, with this post I am back into the battle mode here at RJsCorner. I doubt that there are many MAGA folks that ever come across this blog, reading and learning is just something they don’t do. But, I do hope I can convince some who haven’t been paying attention to just how critical the election will be for the future of our country. Undoubtedly it is the most critical election in my 70+ year lifetime. So, I hope to convince others that it is worth a few minutes, or even hours, to get out and vote and maybe to all contribute a few bucks to turn our country around before it is too late.

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