Thinking Is Just Not Their Strong Point…

I have said many times here on RJsCorner that the main problem with the world is “lazy minds”. But, maybe I should have more empathy for those who just don’t like to exercise their brain to become better people and better citizens of the world community. They just don’t seem to care about that and that befuddles me. Of course, I believe that most people … Continue reading Thinking Is Just Not Their Strong Point…

Red & Blue – A Little History Of Politics

Let’s face it the majority of voters in this country simply push the party button during most elections. They say I am a Republican/Democrat and I don’t care to get bogged down in the details beyond that. But, the problem is that the two parties are constantly evolving into something else than what they maybe were when you declared your allegiance. That is what this … Continue reading Red & Blue – A Little History Of Politics

Evangelicals Ask “Are You Saved?”

One of the most basic tenets in the Evangelical Community is the idea that everyone must be “saved” in order to get to heaven. I struggled with this concept for years before I came across the book If Grace Is True by Philip Gulley. He finally convinced me that that belief, at least as Evangelicals see it, is simply man-made. For this Sunday’s post I … Continue reading Evangelicals Ask “Are You Saved?”

Competition Just Isn’t My Thing

I have never been a competitive person, except with myself. I don’t think there is an age that has gone by that didn’t have one group or person thinking that he is better than another. That feeling of superiority is just part of human nature. But, in my mind it is a more negative part than a positive one. We all learn about pissing-contests early … Continue reading Competition Just Isn’t My Thing

When Public Health Becomes A Political Issue

There are so many things that have turned sour these last four years it’s difficult to rank them anymore. But I do think that one of the worst is how #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) has turned public health into a political issue! The result has been 150,000 and climbing totally unnecessary deaths! I know there are 200,000 deaths now but only 150,000 of them … Continue reading When Public Health Becomes A Political Issue

To My Evangelical Friends.

Don’t you realize how much damage you are doing to Christ’s church? JUST QUIT IT! Why can’t you see how you are acting is driving people away? JUST QUIT IT! I know you are deadly afraid that everyone is now looking elsewhere for their spiritual needs, but don’t you realize that maybe the primary reason for that is you and your current actions? JUST QUIT … Continue reading To My Evangelical Friends.

Praire Museum – Colby Kansas

Since I am declaring Saturdays for the next couple of months my “Virtual µRV Trip” day I am bringing over some post from my now resurrected InSearchOfAmerica travel blog. There are hundreds of places that you might like to visit in real once the pandemic is lifted. We just happened to come across this museum on our way home from Santa Fe this Spring (2015). … Continue reading Praire Museum – Colby Kansas

Introducing RJsWorld – A New Way To View My Blogs.

Being a blogger is a major activity in my life now. It allows me to make connections with people around the world. I have been blogging since 2008 and have written thousands of posts in about a dozen different blogs. RJsCorner is the most successful if I use the volume of visitors as a metric but, I also have three other blogs that I treasure … Continue reading Introducing RJsWorld – A New Way To View My Blogs.

I’ve Always Been A Writer… Except When I Wasn’t

Let’s get away from politics for at least today. I have always been a dreamer making up stories about where I would be in my life xx years in the future. Those early dreams spanned from being a Van Gogh suicide all the way to being famous like John Steinbeck or Jack London (Will Rogers would be added a little later). My college years pretty … Continue reading I’ve Always Been A Writer… Except When I Wasn’t

More About Starlink

A hundred years ago most people who lived in rural communities did not have either electricity or telephones. Today the same is true for reliable Internet connections. Fast Internet requires fiber-optic connections. Most living in the hinterland are like me are still relegated to that 50-year-old copper cable coming down our road sometimes bowing only a couple of feet above the ground. If you are … Continue reading More About Starlink

A Never-Ending Search Of Understanding MAGA.

I write a lot about MAGA folks (Make America Great Again) in trying to understand why they so enthusiastically support such a defective person. I often write about them as if they were some monolithic mass who rose from the swamps of time. Of course, I know that they are just a hodgepodge of disenchanted groups who all have one thing in common. FEAR!! It … Continue reading A Never-Ending Search Of Understanding MAGA.

If God Is Love — Finishing It Up.

This is the third Sunday post here at RJsCorner where I am re-visiting some posts I wrote over at RedLetterLiving about this book by Philip Gulley. It is one of a handful of books that fundamentally changed my spiritual life. I am visiting these posts again before starting up this blog that has been in hiatus for over six years now. Post 5: August 16, … Continue reading If God Is Love — Finishing It Up.

Let’s Never Forget

Let’s never forget the 3,000 who lost their lives in the 911 tragedy. But They Dwarf In Comparison To Let’s never forget that the current Oval Office occupant is directly responsible for 114,000 who have lost their lives in this pandemic. If only he had, just once, done just an average job instead of concentrating on himself, those lives would have been spared. I’m not … Continue reading Let’s Never Forget

I Gave, But Now…

As mentioned in last Tuesday’s post I gave my pandemic check to ensure that #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) and his cohorts in the Senate vacate the premises this coming January. I couldn’t think of a better place to use that money. I was hoping that they appreciated it since it was the most money I have ever given to a political campaign. This election … Continue reading I Gave, But Now…

The Political Strategy Of Wishing It Away…

I guess #CO3 (Current Oval Office occupant) thinks he can eliminate the virus by just wishing it away, or at least surrounding himself with people who won’t remind him that it happened on his watch. 180,000+ people have died of the virus in this country. That’s 60 times the people who died on 911! He hopes we will ignore that fact as long as he … Continue reading The Political Strategy Of Wishing It Away…

Tax Reform – Unearned Income

Anyone who has been around RJsCorner for very long knows what I think about unearned income. It is outrageous that money received that was not earned is often taxed at a lower rate than the money you earn be the sweat of your brow. To me, that is most fundamentally flawed part of our tax structure and needs to change. The vast majority of unearned … Continue reading Tax Reform – Unearned Income