D-Day Is Here…

I don’t know how much high school history covers our wars now, so many of you might not know what D-Day was all about. Let me give you a very short history lesson before I talk about the main topic of this post.

D-Day occurred on June 6, 1944. At that time Hitler had taken over much of Europe and London was in a constantly bombarded by German V1 rockets. To many it looked like the end of freedom and maybe even civilization. The D-Day Invasion was the turning point that ended eventually in Germany’s defeat and Hitler’s death. That World War II invasion involved about two million allied soldiers and almost 80,000 killed on those beaches of Normandy. I will admit that I don’t do much study of the wars our country has been involved in so some of my facts above might not be absolutely accurate. ๐Ÿ˜’ But, I think you get the point of my words. If D-Day hadn’t happened we would probably be living in a radically different world right now.

Similarly, if we don’t win the current battle to take back our country from a lying megalomaniac narcissist, it will likely look radically different in another four years of his deadly reign. I was recently reported that if he had just done and “average” job handling the current pandemic that there would have been 140,000 less people killed by it in our country! If you don’t think you have to stop this guy then think again about what kind of world you will leave your kids and grandkids. We simply can’t allow another four years to happen. The despicable person currently residing in the Oval Office HAS to be defeated, and we only have another sixty-four days to do it starting today. I pray that there are at least 2 million of us as there was during the original D-Day willing to do what is needed to win this victory.

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