When He Loses…

I won’t accept the word “if” in the graphic above as what happens to the GOP would be the least of our problems if he is not defeated. To see him re-elected would mean that we are no longer a country of responsible citizens who take our right to vote serious enough. It would mean that we are certainly destined for going down on the ash heap of history as just another of many failed democracies. I simply will not accept that.

So now, what will happen to the GOP after he loses? Can they somehow justify their backing or ignoring #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant)? The New York Times article by David Brooks as cited above talks about that. As mentioned there, the party looks brain-dead at every spot #CO3 touches. So, do they even deserve to exist any longer?

Fundamentally speaking, for decades now the GOP has become too anti-government. How can they say they love their country when they clearly hate its government? Given the fact that those under 45 years old think that government has a very necessary function in today’s world, how can they continue to draw enough support to even exist? In my mind the only way that can happen is true and absolute repentance and a return to their fiscally conservative ways. That could happen but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I’m not naive, I don’t trust the Democrats with the total control. There needs to be someone there to constantly remind them that money doesn’t grow on trees, oh wait a minute, I guess it really does but that is another matter. Someone has to be there to hold their feet to the fire when it comes to spending beyond our means. That is where my fiscally conservative roots were established. To this day I watch almost every penny. If I can save 10 cents on a can of fruit I will usually do that.

The part of me that has financially struggled through early life just never let go. I try to convince myself that I have more than enough money to spend on things that I don’t absolutely need. That mantra carries over into my watchdog attitude on government spending.

About the only “accomplishments” of this administration was bigotry, incompetence and tax cuts for the wealthy. The free market which continues to proclaim that things are going great, otherwise why is the Dow Average continuing to rise? Wages are stagnant and there is plainly too much power in corporate elites and too little for middle America. That is deadly wrong and even for that happening the GOP needs to simply go down in dust. The question is what will replace them?

Are there enough moderate Republicans left to reclaim their mantel? How long do we have to wait for that to happen? Does their power need to be erased in congress so that it is impossible for them to stymie all meaningful legislation from happening as they have in the past few years.

We can get a lot more than we currently do by taxing the rich to “make” them give back some of the riches that our country enabled them to obtain, but that cash-cow only has so much depth. Someone has to be there to say enough is enough.

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