The Political Strategy Of Wishing It Away…

I guess #CO3 (Current Oval Office occupant) thinks he can eliminate the virus by just wishing it away, or at least surrounding himself with people who won’t remind him that it happened on his watch. 180,000+ people have died of the virus in this country. That’s 60 times the people who died on 911! He hopes we will ignore that fact as long as he has people around him who agree with him. Enter Scott Atlas…

Doctor ( I use the term loosely) Scott Atlas now is the face of his presidency for this pandemic. Dr. Fauci just didn’t say “yes” enough. Dr. Atlas has been a long critic of the coronavirus lockdowns and has campaigned for kids to return to the classroom. It doesn’t matter that he has no expertise in public health or infectious diseases, as long as he doesn’t contradict #CO3 he will attend the “how great I am” show called daily briefings.

Dr. Atlas thinks we have done really good as #CO3 has pronounced. But, let’s look at the facts. The US has 5% of the worlds population and has 25% of the coronavirus deaths and 24% of the cases. In other words we have lost almost five times the number that we should have. Maybe to #CO3 that is a success but I don’t think anyone else but his lazy minded followers would agree. I saw the latest report that if #CO3 had done just an average job of the pandemic, compared to other country’s leaders less than 60,000 people would have died. So, that mean that he is directly responsible for killing over 100,000 US citizens. How can anyone even be considering giving this guy four more years at the helm!!

#CO3 lives in his own world and it has a population of one. He simply refuses to get confused with the facts! Is that who we really want running our country??

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