How Can They Keep Supporting Him??

If you believe the polls then you have to accept that up to 40% of potential voters have drank the GOP Kool-Aid that evaporates brain cells. The only cells left seem to be those that hold fear emotions. Go ahead and shout that I am painting with too broad a brush. But, there is no logic that I can conjure up that will allow me to see this idiocy any other way. #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) continues to defy any other explanation. Every day he tells blatant lies, the sheepish press continues to call them exaggerations or mis-truths, but they are plain and simple lies.

The only people who still defend him are brainwashed Evangelicals, conspiracy theorists, and abject racists. The attacks on our country’s foundations and rabid violations on basic human rights and our environment, simply cannot be denied, no matter how much you ignore them, no matter how Fox News headlines tries to explain them away.

#CO3 has spent four years eroding the rule of law and our constitution. He disses everyone that even hints that he might be wrong about ANYTHING. He has trashed our intelligence communities, sown distrust in our democratic institutions and recently, he was even heard trashing the military. He will do anything to stay in power including planting doubts about our election processes. He simply has no regard for anything but himself.

But let’s get back to his supporters. I saw some video of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally today and saw thousands of his supporters pressed together without a mask in sight. Even after 180,000 people in the US have died in this pandemic. They strutted around like peacocks trying to impress the girls there. Many of them will carry the virus that caught there back to their hometowns killing even more.

But, I still hold to the firm belief that most of those who are not wacko racists or conspiracy theorists continue supporting him are totally overwhelmed by one emotion and that is fear. They are afraid of what will happen when they lose absolute control of what they hold dear. They are terrified of the possibility that others may also have a say in national matters.

The latest tactic they are using is to try to convince you that Biden is nothing more than a starry-eyed liberal who will let the left wing radical take over if he is elected. They have no problem of denying his decades long history of moderation and working across party lines. They don’t need to explain this abject anomaly to their faithful followers. Just tell them anything, and they will believe it, and take another gulp of the Kool-Aid.

Won’t it be nice when January 21, 2021 comes and he and is avid follower retreat go back into the holes they came from.

56 More Days

3 thoughts on “How Can They Keep Supporting Him??

  1. So many people vote color. Blue or Red. They pay attention to NOTHING else! They don’t care. They don’t want to hear it. All they know is “he’s MY President”. I have a cousin who posts shit memes on FB every day. She states she has not watched the news in 3 months. WTF does she know?


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    1. Thanks for the thoughts Elle. I have come to the conclusion that the biggest problem we have in this country and maybe even the world is “Lazy Minds”. Many just don’t want to make any effort at much of anything. They are content on just living day to day with as little change as possible. Of course, that is a major reason why democracies fail. Compared to most of the world the US is just a baby country who has been around for only five hundred years or so and they have have a history of at least ten times that. Our democracy is not a guaranteed thing. It could disappear in the wink of an eye due to lazy minds.

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