A Virtual µRV Trip…

Entrance to Oklahoma History Center – Oklahoma City, OK

This is not what I planned for 2020, but then it is what no one planned. I had 8 tentative trips planned for µRV this year and have taken zero! It’s just too dangerous for us seniors to get out in among all the unmasked MAGA folks. But since I am a techie I thought I would use the next few Saturday posts taking you on a virtual trip. This one is to the Oklahoma State Capital and the Oklahoma History Center that is in the same complex.

I was pleasantly surprised to see all the native American displays and info at both locations. If you are weak on history you might not know that we white Europeans rounded up all the native Americans east of the Mississippi and forced them onto one of the most desolate places in the country. We told them this is your home now “as long as the grass grows and the water flows”. That land is now called Oklahoma. We ended up reneging on that promise as we did so many others and opened it up to settles less than 50 years later.

Getting back to the main purpose of this post. The pictures below are mainly of the ones surrounding the capital dome and the entrance to the History Center. Maybe next year you can go to Oklahoma and take your own.


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