When Public Health Becomes A Political Issue

There are so many things that have turned sour these last four years it’s difficult to rank them anymore. But I do think that one of the worst is how #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) has turned public health into a political issue! The result has been 150,000 and climbing totally unnecessary deaths! I know there are 200,000 deaths now but only 150,000 of them are because of his ignorance/incompetence/laziness/lies….

He is a despicable person who thinks only of himself and has no idea how the rest of us manage our lives. He has lived with a golden spoon in his mouth all his life. Until my mother abandoned me as the age of nine I grew up with a narcissist that was very much like him. She just had no room in her life for anyone else. All our presents in those early years were pictures of her to put on our bedroom shelf and adore.

In some ways I feel sad for #CO3 as he is doing only what comes natural to him. He attacks everyone who does not praise him. He is so addicted to his maskless rallies that even the lives of others are a minuscule consideration.

Even more devastating than having him in office is the fact that we let his mindless MAGA clan elect him in the first place! Let’s do everything we can to prevent an utter catastrophe of his re-election. I’m not sure our democracy could survive another four years. I’m not sure I could survive another four years of this insanity.

41 Days

2 thoughts on “When Public Health Becomes A Political Issue

  1. Trump is merely a useless kleptocrat. The true danger lies in the power he assigns to the ideologues he attracts to his inner circle. Their fascistic agenda is being carried out while Trump witlessly tweets, watches, TV, eats, and golfs. Heaven help the 99%, if he’s reelected. His goons will rule without restraint.

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    1. Thanks for the thoughts Robert. Since he doesn’t believe in reading and no writing, except for his John Hancock signature, he is really clueless as to what he actually should be doing. So, as you say the only conclusion is that he is a monkey on the end of a chain being controlled by others who are probably much darker in philosophy than he is.

      How much power can they further consolidate with 4 more years! A dreadful thought that we can’t allow to happen.

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