250+ Emails Asking For MORE…

Photo by RJ Walters 2014

When I gave $500 of my pandemic check to the Biden campaign I had no idea of what was to follow. I knew the Democratic Party was not that different from the GOP, at least before the Republicans sold their soul to #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant), but I was hoping they would thank me and then go about efficiently using my money to defeat that dreadful person currently in the Oval Office. Here we are twenty days later and my email in-box contains 250 pleas to send them another $500, or $1,000, or more! If I gave them another $500 every time they have requested it would have seriously depleted my pension fund. 😁

I know they have some pretty big donors who contribute thousands of bucks regularly, but I am not one of them. I am a retiree on a fixed budget so this was always intended to be a one-time thing for me. I must admit that my primary reason for the contribution was not necessarily to elect Biden but to get the current one out of my life. I’m sure Mr. Biden will do an honorable job as a transition president. Even if he dedicated all his efforts to undo the damage done in the last four years he likely won’t be able to even accomplish that in that time period.

I hope that Joe is wise enough to quickly proclaim that he will not seek re-election at the age of 81 in 2024. That would release him for the chore of constantly finding the money to do it again.

To close out this post, I am sorry to say that I am disappointed in the response to my contribution. I’m not even sure that they thanked me for the $500 I gave them. If they did it was followed so closely by an immediate request for more that it lost its sincerity.

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2 thoughts on “250+ Emails Asking For MORE…

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Marquita. The whole email scheme is pretty bogus to me also. A good portion of the email to me start out with a button to push if I plan on voting for Biden? Why would I give $500 to someone who I won’t vote for? Some of these emails have the audacity to ask for $5,000!

      I don’t know what it is going to take to put some integrity back into our voting processes. Something has to change. But, of course, I will have some thoughts about that in coming posts. 😉

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