Red & Blue – A Little History Of Politics

Let’s face it the majority of voters in this country simply push the party button during most elections. They say I am a Republican/Democrat and I don’t care to get bogged down in the details beyond that. But, the problem is that the two parties are constantly evolving into something else than what they maybe were when you declared your allegiance. That is what this post is all about.

The Republican Party of the 21st century still proclaims that they are the party of Lincoln, but they have really morphed beyond anything that Lincoln believed. I can remember the Republican Party. They were almost exclusively the part of the rich and powerful. Most of the union member claimed allegiance to the Democratic Party. If you were union, you were automatically Democrat. If you were wealthy you were automatically Republican.

But then came along Democratic presidents who broke up segregation and passed Civil Rights bills. That didn’t go over well in the South and most white southerners quickly migrated to the GOP. Then came along a Republican who said he was a fiscal conservative but produced some of the highest deficits in history. He ignored a pandemic called Aids because he believed that it was brought by God to condemn homosexuals. But then over 600,000 Americans died of HIV, most were not homosexual. This and many other things caused college educated and intellectuals to abandon the GOP.

Now here we are with another paradigm shifting president who has all but destroyed the 1960 image of the GOP. The GOP of today is mostly disaffected non-college-educated white people, especially men and over the age of 50. The Republican Party’s primary support has shifted in way to make it an anti-establishment party of right fringe minorities. The Democratic Party is now the party of the college-educated, women, and people of color.

Let’s face it, if you are voting Republican because that is how your father voted for then you need to seriously consider a change, if only for that reason. Another reason to skip the GOP vote this time around might be that it is the only way to somehow eventually bring back the GOP of fiscal conservatism, limited government that you have seen destroyed in the last decade.

3 thoughts on “Red & Blue – A Little History Of Politics

  1. That, plus the fact that the Republican Party has become the party of ‘No’ – as in no platform. They have talked for years about repeal and replace of Obamacare, but replace it with what? How about a plan for dealing with the pandemic? 200,000 deaths and only promises of a vaccine (along with posturing that suggests it might be released prematurely). Systemic racism? Nothing substantive except more claims about law and order. Not convinced about global warming? Look at the increasing intensity of hurricanes and wildfires. Where’s a plan? Social Security and Medicare have long-term funding issues. More looming crises that I don’t hear anyone talking about (while there’s still time to fix it). Income inequality? The only thing I’ve seen from the Republicans is tax cuts that exacerbate the problem. I could go on and on. I’m not thrilled with much of what I see coming from the Dems, but at least they’re putting ideas on the table.


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