A Simple Solution…

A little snippet on the first debate.

It seems that even Fox News can’t keep him from interrupting Biden. But there was a very simple solution to it. Why didn’t anyone think of it?

Just turn of Trump’s mic during Biden’s two-minute periods.

6 thoughts on “A Simple Solution…

  1. In addition. IMO, they should televise only the face of the person speaking. The grimaces and face-making of the non-speakers are also distracting and unhelpful. Of course, this would lower its “entertainment” value and make it less of an event for the networks. Personally, I watched probably less than 5 minutes as 1) I’ve already voted and 2) I was expecting the entire thing to unfold pretty much as it did, and I checked in a couple of times to simply verify my expectations. A related aside… CBS News polled debate viewers and found Biden “winning” the debate 48-41, i.e., pretty much the same as national polling has been for weeks/months. The same poll found 69% were “annoyed” and only 17% were “informed” by the debate. That says alot…


  2. “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right”. Those appear to be the choices on offer. This stands to be a lose/lose election, but at least you guys have term limits. We could have Justin Trudeau running our Canadian clown show for the next 30 years if he eats right and looks both ways before he crosses the street.


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