Thinking Is Just Not Their Strong Point…

I have said many times here on RJsCorner that the main problem with the world is “lazy minds”. But, maybe I should have more empathy for those who just don’t like to exercise their brain to become better people and better citizens of the world community. They just don’t seem to care about that and that befuddles me.

Of course, I believe that most people who refuse to exercise their mind are part of the MAGA clan, but I realize they are in just about every part of American culture and politics. #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) had it right when he talked about “herd mentality” but it has almost nothing to do with the response to COVID-19 as he suggested. He is right in that herd mentality is very much present in our political processes. There are a substantial number of Americans who have never voted for anyone outside on political party.

They say that almost two-thirds of us always click the party lever in every election.

To them, it is simply unimaginable to vote for someone outside the party of their family or clan. Herd mentality Republicans see all Democrats as left wing liberals socialist who want government to control everything in their lives. Herd mentality Democrats see all Republicans as narrow-minded people focused totally on themselves and care little for anyone outside their clan. They huddle in their churches fending all everyone who is trying to deny them their way of life.

The other third of us look at the situation and try to choose the best person for the job. We see #CO3 as a dangerous assault on our democracy. He has no respect for our country, it rule-of-law, its Constitution or its people. He is a dangerous narcissist who has to be driven out of office to insure our children and grandchildren have a world to live in. This election, like so many others depends on that one-third turning out in 44 days. If we don’t, then herd mentality just might finally mean the destruction of everything we hold dear. The trouble is that too many of these swing-voters just don’t care to get involved in all this dirty politics lately. They like to think they are above the mud slinging.

I just don’t know what it will take to break herd-mentality and cause people to see just how dangerous that is? If the GOP continues to morph into the self-destructive body it will surely present an imminent danger to our world. How can we get them to realize that fact? That is the question for the century to me.

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