Not The Smartest Card In The Deck

One of the characteristics that means the most to me is humility. It’s strange that when I looked for images of humility for this post the majority of them were of Jesus. He never claimed to be great and that is what made him so. That thought provoked this post more than anything else. I look at all the twelve presidents in my lifetime and … Continue reading Not The Smartest Card In The Deck

The Ten Years Between November 4 and January 21

Here we are only 4 days until we have a pretty good idea whether those who still have some sanity left have voted the despicable narcissist out of the Oval Office. If that doesn’t happen then see the graphic above as that will certainly be our future. If it does happen then the title applies. 😎 Because we haven’t updated our constitution frequently enough to … Continue reading The Ten Years Between November 4 and January 21

Having To Answer Your Grandchildren When…

I’m not sure there is a way to get the Republican Party back toward the center of politics. The current Oval Office occupant and his co-conspirators in the Senate have maybe pushed them beyond where a return is even possible. Will they repent of their tragic mistakes after he is gone? Will they ask for forgiveness? I think the most powerful reason for repentance is … Continue reading Having To Answer Your Grandchildren When…

Freedom – Even Freedom To Harm Fellow Citizens

Much of my lifetime and even before the GOP has shown a lack of concern for public health. They vigorously fought Medicare, and Obamacare and just about any form of government subsidized healthcare. The more important thing to them is to “free” us from government rules. Of course, this started in earnest with Reagan’s proclamation that “Government is the problem…” Their mantra has been anything … Continue reading Freedom – Even Freedom To Harm Fellow Citizens

Deafness = Sounds of Silence… Nah

I thought I would use this Saturday’s post as a little lesson in deafness, mine at least… 🙄 When I started my engineering life in 1970 I had at least some functional hearing in my right ear. It was enough for me to pass in the hearing world. Ironically, my first assignment was about measuring sound and that involved an anechoic chamber as shown above. … Continue reading Deafness = Sounds of Silence… Nah

An Originalist’s View of the Constitution

I have been loosely following the latest Supreme Court nomination, so I thought I would put out some thoughts that go contrary to an Originalist’s view of the Constitution. Plainly speaking it makes no sense to me in that it goes against everything the primary founders believed. How’s that for an opening statement? 🤣 Unlike most of my posts in the pre-election period, I don’t … Continue reading An Originalist’s View of the Constitution

Put Retirement Back Into Politics

A politician or judge suddenly dying or being forced to retire for medical reasons can be disastrous, as we’ve just seen with Ginsburg. Any sensible person should have been thinking about their successors. They should be nurturing them and giving them a legacy to live by. Instead, many including Judge Ginsburg chose to try and hold on to power. She chose wrong and now our … Continue reading Put Retirement Back Into Politics

Looking at Our History And Asking…

The US really doesn’t have a common history. Each sector has its own. The States making up the original thirteen colonies look back at their history with pride, but they often varnish over the dark times to do that. The southern States, until recently proudly clung to their Confederate flags and that way of life. That is now ever so slowly changing. The Western States … Continue reading Looking at Our History And Asking…

A New Meaning of “Survivalist”

I think for most of us the term “Survivalist” means a guy who is hunkered down in Utah/Montana/Wyoming and has a large stash of guns and apocalypse rations waiting for Armageddon and all those who will attack him when it happens. But, maybe we should be expanding this definition to include Evangelicals and others who are in the bunkers against the imagined big bad world … Continue reading A New Meaning of “Survivalist”

We Are A Teenage Country Who Think We Know It All.

I don’t know why, but I am reminded again and again lately that the USA is just a “babe in the woods” of the world. We have a mere four hundred-year history and that’s not even enough to say we are mature, we are still teenagers. From what I have been reading much of Europe and especially China and Japan see us as a possible … Continue reading We Are A Teenage Country Who Think We Know It All.

The 21st Century Interpretation of the 10 Commandments.

I was fascinated by this modern interpretation of the 10 Commandment when I came across them recently. I must admit that I didn’t really feel that the Old English version found in most Bibles applied to me. It’s kind of like when I read the Bible from cover to cover, I have done that on three occasions, and always found myself struggling through it. The … Continue reading The 21st Century Interpretation of the 10 Commandments.

The Value Of A College Education

I want to thank Bob Lowery and his commentors over at Satisfying Retirement for giving me so many ideas for blog posts here at RJsCorner. The viewer discussion is beyond imagination for my little blog here at RJsCorner. This post is one of those topics. Most people seem to look at a college education as to how it applies to a future job. As usual, … Continue reading The Value Of A College Education

Who You Hate Is Who You Are…

Maybe it’s time to diversify when it comes to politics. The two-party system just seems totally incompatible now. It forces us into one of two political camps that probably doesn’t align that much with what your feelings are about government’s role in the world. I don’t believe there is a “perfect” way to doing government, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that the two-party system … Continue reading Who You Hate Is Who You Are…

The Presidential Seal For The Next 102 Days

Is it just me or does #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) seem even more erratic than usual lately? I think maybe he is just so pumped up on steroids and that makes him crazier than usual. I didn’t think it was even possible for him to be worse, but he does show that daily doesn’t he? I dread to see what he is going to … Continue reading The Presidential Seal For The Next 102 Days

Humanism And Jesus

I have decided as my next project here at RedLetterLiving to take on the topic of Humanism and try to discover how that aligns with the teachings of Jesus. The post below was originally published in my main blog at RJsCorner about 2 years ago, I think this is a good starting point for an extended study here at RLL My conservative Evangelical friends would … Continue reading Humanism And Jesus

Adversity Builds Character

The phrase in the title above comes from Friedrich Nietzsche who was a German researcher of philosophy in the mid 1800s. He was considered a child prodigy who unapologetically spoke his mind on a number of topics. I kinda live by that strategy myself. 🤓 He had many controversial quotes attached to his name, but I seriously cling to the one above as being fundamental … Continue reading Adversity Builds Character

Tribal Instincts…

Tribal instincts are still a powerful force in today’s world. There is no better evidence of that than the MAGA/Evangelical clan and others who will mindlessly vote for #CO3, the current Oval Office occupant. This group did not start with him, but he has chiseled them into adoring him above logic/truth/compassion/empathy/. I could go on an on…. Those who blindly pull the same party lever … Continue reading Tribal Instincts…

A “Follower Of Jesus” Apology for MAGA Christians.

I want to use the post as my official apology to the world for Evangelical Christians. I know that won’t mean much but it matters to me to apologize for this ugly group. I am a person who has proudly proclaimed that I am a “Follower of the Teaching of Jesus”, but no longer call myself a Christian. I am inspired by his teachings of … Continue reading A “Follower Of Jesus” Apology for MAGA Christians.

Excessive Individualistic Culture?

As usual David Brooks of the New York Times and PBS Newshour spurred this post by his words below This is a hard, exhausting time. But it’s also a pivot point. An idealistic generation is rising on the scene hungering to fill the spiritual vacuum their parents left them. There is a palpable desire for solidarity, to shake off an excessively individualistic culture. For those … Continue reading Excessive Individualistic Culture?

The Most Tragic Thing About This Pandemic

I recently watched an episode of the PBS Newshour where a doctor on the front lines of this epidemic described what he thought was the most tragic thing he has faced. He said it devastates him to see whole families being sick at the same time and to have more than one of them die! He went on the mention that there is so much … Continue reading The Most Tragic Thing About This Pandemic