Tribal Instincts…

Tribal instincts are still a powerful force in today’s world. There is no better evidence of that than the MAGA/Evangelical clan and others who will mindlessly vote for #CO3, the current Oval Office occupant. This group did not start with him, but he has chiseled them into adoring him above logic/truth/compassion/empathy/. I could go on an on….

Those who blindly pull the same party lever at each election in their lifetimes, have been around for probably as long as our country, which of course is a mere200+ years. After #CO3 is gone I have come up with a new acronym for this crowd. I will call them “Lazy Minded Lemmings” as identified in a recent post (click here)

The MAGA clan has been convinced by that mindless person that the Biden presidency will bring in a reign of terror. They have to believe that to justify their alliance to a man who is so obviously a train wreck. Fear is their primary driver. It strengthens tribal instincts. Nothing bonds this group more tightly than a common enemy that is perceived as a mortal threat. That is just the way a fear driven clan has to work. There must be someone who they fear will destroy the life of their tribe. Having an external enemy allows them to blindly ignore the darkness in their clan. The tragedy of all this is that the person they are supporting is much more likely to bring on the times that they are panic-stricken about than his opponent.

I know several #CO3 supporters. Some of them are people of integrity in other parts of their lives. Some of them are even cherished friends (more on that in tomorrow’s post). But, if there is a line that #CO3 could cross that would forfeit their loyalty, I can’t imagine what it would be. That is a very depressing thing for me to ponder.

30 More Days

PS… Just to tie in the image here with the spirit of this post, I have learned that #CO3 has made millions selling his “official” MAGA hats for $25 each, even when most public toilet stalls hand them out for free.

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