Lord, Please Give Me The Strength

I am just so sick of all the #CO3’s (current Oval Office occupant) idiotic behavior! I know we are only 28 days until he is defeated or when I totally go off the political grid. Either way will be better than it is now. I still manage to browse the daily news for an hour each morning but that is getting harder to do as the days pass.

On Monday I came across the words I have been trying to find in myself but couldn’t conjure them up. As usual I found them in the New York Times. My $15/mo for the daily publications is proving well worth the money. Without further ado here they are:

The battle is in the end stages now and I have to find the strength to stay the course. If only I can convince one person to think about what they are doing by voting for that despicable person, all of my anguish will be worth it.

I guess I am supposed to be sympathetic because he finally got the virus, but can’t even conjure up that emotion. My first reaction to that news was to sigh “It’s about time.” He has flaunted any safety measures and by doing that has cause over 150,000 of us to die when they didn’t have to. If he had just get his head out of his own rear-end long enough to understand that people are dying by his actions. He can only see himself, but that is how he has spent his entire life so it shouldn’t be unexpected.

28 Days

I will be filling out my absentee ballot this week and I will make absolutely sure that everything is done according to the rules. But, living in Indiana almost assures that my vote will be worthless since #CO3 carried my State by a large margin in 2016 and seeing all the signs in the yards around me yet again. And, if he should lose Indiana he will likely only carry a handful of States, almost all in the South.

So, my vote really doesn’t matter, but I will diligently cast it anyway. It is just the right thing to do…

2 thoughts on “Lord, Please Give Me The Strength

  1. I too have already voted. Not sure about voting rules in Indiana, but I followed up on my ballot at Sec of State’s web site and determined that my ballot has been accepted and will be counted.

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